University software such as Banner, Colleague, SharePoint, Office, Salesforce, and SDEZBuy

Categories (16)

Room scheduling for spaces on Campus

Acrobat Pro, Creative Cloud, Reader, Flash Player

Banner Finance and Self Service Banner

view the current reports available from data systems such as Banner or Colleague or request a new report

Blackboard Transact, Coyote Card and Door Security

electronically sign documents

Access Google docs/drive, sites, blogger & scholar, Help Resources for Google sites and docs

Word, Excel, PowerPoint,Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneDrive

VPN, RDP, Cisco Anyconnect

Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio

Web Time Entry, Leave Request


Facilities Management Work Order System

Applications, capabilities, and reports available within the user areas of TeamDynamix (TDNext and the Client Portal).

Microsoft Windows - Operating Systems

Articles (302)

Access to Deleted OneDrive Account

Access to former employee's OneDrive account

Accessing Adobe Spark

How to access Adobe Spark.

Accessing ImageNow on Personal Computer

Use Remote Access to access Imagenow on a personally owned computer

Accessing MyMathLab

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies when experiencing errors logging into the MyMathLab website

Accessing Nuventive

Quick instructions on troubleshooting Nuventive access.

Accessing Qualtrics

How to access Qualtrics Research Suite at USD.

Acrobat Pro Crashing

Uninstall and reinstall Acrobat Pro

Adding a New Form Title to PDF Integration to ImageNow

How to request a new form or email title gets added to the list of items to export to ImageNow.

Adding Content to Fourwinds Digital Sign

How to add content to a Fourwinds digital sign

Adding inventory into TeamDynamix

How to add inventory into TeamDynamix

Adding, Updating or Changing Items in Preventative Maintenance PM Schedule - TMA

Remove vehicle or equipment from PM Schedule. Sometimes due to duplication on other PM schedules.

Allow or Block Pop-Up - Google Chrome

How to allow necessary pop-ups or block annoying pop-ups in Google Chrome

Approving or Denying Requests In Microsoft Shifts

Guide on approving or denying a request in Microsoft Shifts.

Assistance with McGraw-Hill Connect

How to get assistance with McGraw-Hill Connect

Athlete Codes Not Populating in Coyote Connections

Athletes must be coded every term that display is desired in Coyote Connections

Audio Jack Error

What to do when your having issues with your Audio Jack giving you errors

Banner PROD General Menu Not Working

Troubleshooting information for Banner General Menu not working

Blue Screen When Starting Examplify

Bluescreen issue when using Examplify

Cannot Access D2L with Internet Explorer

Please use another browser to view D2L after January 2020

Cannot Access Dragonfly

How to request help with Dragonfly

Cannot Access Fourwinds

How to troubleshoot issues accessing the Fourwinds Website

Cannot Connect to Cisco Jabber

What to do when you are having issues connecting to Jabber

Cannot Log Into DegreeWorks

Who to contact regarding DegreeWorks login issues

Cannot Print from Excel

How to print from Excel

Cannot Save Documents in Dental Hygiene Clinic

Dental Hygiene uses documents in EagleSoft for patient records

Cannot Submit Quiz in D2L

How to submit a quiz in D2L when the Error 105 "The host name could not be resolved" happens

Can't Open Email Attachment

Install a newer version of Office

Changing font settings (Outlook)

How to Change the font and size in Outlook

Check Faculty Status in Banner

How to check Faculty status in Banner

Checking if a User has been Exported for ImageNow

Quick instructions on how to ask about WebAdmit export.

Clearing Qualtrics Survey Data

How to clear Qualtrics survey data to reuse a survey.

Cognos Error Message

In IBM Cognos you can send your report data to Microsoft Excel, received an error when trying to perform this function.

Common Application is Not Working

Reporting problems with Common Application

Computer Going to Sleep Too Quickly

Change the power plan settings to prevent system from going to sleep too quickly

Computer Locked By Bitlocker

How to unlock USD laptops that have Bitlocker on them.

Configuring Scanner in Xtender

Setting up scanned in Banner Xtender

Connecting to Student Manager Aceware

Steps for connecting to Student Manager 8

Contacting Medatrax

How to contact Medatrax Support. Medatrax is an online tracking system that our Doctor of Nursing Practice students use to manage their clinical experience.

Converting Qualtrics Data to SPSS

Instructions for importing data from Qualtrics to SPSS.

Converting Video Files to MP4 Format

How to convert video files to an MP4 format using VLC media player

Copying a Schedule in Microsoft Shifts

Guide on copying a schedule in MS Teams

Copying Data from PsychData to Qualtrics Manually Created Survey

Outlines the steps needed to get data from PsychData to Qualtrics

Course is Missing in MBM

A course or elective is missing in the Mission Based Management (MBM) system

Coyote One Stop - You do not have permission to this application

Use this article if you if you have issue logging into Coyote One Stop.

Creating a Project or Survey in Qualtrics

Instructions on how to create a Qualtrics project and a survey that can be used to import PsychData survey data into

Creating a Salesforce Page Layout

The end user has a specific need for a new or updated page layout in Salesforce

Creating an ODBC Connection to PROD and PPRD

ODBC connection is a protocol that you can use to connect a Microsoft Access database to an external data source such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Creating or Modifying a Schedule in Microsoft Shifts

Guide on how to create or modify a schedule in Microsoft Shifts

CV Imports for Digital Measures

How to import CV’s directly into Digital Measures without having to do line by line data entry.

DegreeWorks Dashboard error - School or Degree is not valid in the UCX

Error received in DegreeWorks Dashboard, related to School or Degree not being valid

Directory Image Management (DIM) Issues/Errors

What to do when having issues with the Directory Image Management tool

Downloading GIS Software

How to download GIS software

Downloading Psychdata Survey Data

Need to Download Psychdata Survey Data

Downloading Survey Data from Qualtrics

Download data from Qualtrics to use for reporting or as a template to import PsychData data into Qualtrics

Eaglesoft Prompting For An Installation Source When Opening

Troubleshooting error messages with EagleSoft

Eaglesoft Server Not Responding Error When Logging In to Client

Receiving server not responding error when attempting to login to Eaglesoft software

Employee Added or Removed from Proxy

Change user access to ezproxy or lawproxy

Error Logging into SSH Secure Shell Client

SSH Secure Shell no longer supported for SFTP file transfers to RIS.

Error Message When Opening Word

How to deal with an error message indicating problems with an add-in

Error when logging into Sitecore

Content editors are not able to login to Sitecore; error message shows in the browser

Error When Opening File from OneDrive

Deactivating and reactivating Office to resolve "Upload blocked" error

Error When Printing to ImageNow

What to do when ImageNow will not print

Examplify Error Minimum Screen Resolution

Windows display scale setting on a laptop not set to 100% can cause a screen resolution error to be displayed in Examplify testing software.

Excel Document is Locked for Editing

How to resolve the error message indicating an Excel document is locked for editing by 'another user'

Experiencing Problems with Computer After Using Examplify

How to resolve black screen, audio, or network issues after taking a test using Examplify.

Failing NBME CCSE Examination Certification

Certifying a computer that failed workstation certification for an upcoming CCSE or NBME exam.

Finding Titanium Release Notes

How to find information on upcoming and historical updates to Titanium Schedule and what steps the Lead Administrator needs to take.

Firefox No Longer Working with Customer Relationship Management System

Reporting an issue with CRM no longer working in Firefox

Fusion Account Not Working

How to fix Fusion Accounts that cannot log in

Having an Issue with Examplify Software

Steps to take to resolve issues with Examplify software

How do I find a Lost Downloaded File

User did not specify a location for file to be saved

How do I move between 25Live Simplified and 25Live Pro?

How-to move between the 2 versions of 25Live on campus

How do I reserve a loaner computer for an on-line exam at the med school in Sioux Falls

To request a loaner computer contact the USD ITS Service Desk with the information needed to reserve a loaner computer.

How to Encrypt an Adobe Acrobat File Using Adobe Acrobat

Step to encrypt an Adobe PDF with a department determined password

How to Open HEIC files

Opening HEIC file with MS Store App

How to Update kuraCloud Software

How to update kuraCloud software

I Cannot Find My Report in Cognos

Cognos is set to show 15 reports per page
Use the arrows to navigate between pages to find the report you need in your folder

I Need an Activity's Voucher Generation Date Reset in MBM

An activity in MBM is locked from editing or a voucher needs to be re-printed for the activity.

ImageNow Folder Searching

Graduate Application Processing uses folders to house the application materials.

Important Information Pop-up from Java

What to do if you are receiving an important information popup regarding java

Importing Data into Qualtrics Survey

Import data into Qualtrics Survey, this is also used for importing PsychData data into a Qualtrics survey

Install Software from CD/DVD

How to install software from a CD on a Lenovo X1 Yoga.

Installing .NET 3.5 Framework

How to install .NET 3.5

Installing .NET Framework Software

How to install the .NETFramework software

Installing Application from Unidentified Developer on a Mac

How to installed an application from an unidentified developer

Installing Edge

Edge is web browser for Windows 10

Installing EndNote

Instructions for installing EndNote

Installing Examplify Software

How to install Examplify Software

Installing or Enabling Microsoft Editor

How to choose grammar and style options in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word

Installing or Updating Mozilla Firefox

How to install or update Mozilla Firefox

Installing SDSU Box Online Storage

A how-to guide for SDSU students and staff to install Box

Installing Software Through Software Center

Basic instructions on how to install software on University-owned computers through Software Center

Installing VLC Media Player

How to install VLC Media Player

Instant Messaging using Cisco Jabber

How to use instant messaging in Cisco Jabber.

International Keyboard Issues

How to troubleshoot international keyboard issues

Issue with Examplify Using Wrong Camera

How to disable rear camera when using Examplify ExamMonitor

Issue With Security Cameras

Troubleshooting steps with security camera issues

Issue with Signing in to Adobe Creative Cloud Named License

Resolving problems signing into Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe apps for a named license

Jobs not Submitting or Visible on Lawrence

What to do when sbatch won't accept your job and squeue won't display queued jobs.

Keychain Messages

Resetting default keychain

LinkedIn Learning Availability

Who is able to access LinkedIn Learning?

Logging into Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Device License

Steps for logging into Adobe Creative Cloud on a computer that uses a shared device license

Logging into Cayuse

How to access Cayuse for grant proposals

Lost WiFi Connectivity

Removing Static IP

Maestro Update Needs Connected to Database

Maestro update needs to be installed and connected to the database.

Math Contest

The Department of Mathematical Sciences annually hosts the Merten Hasse Math Competition for area junior high and high school students. Schools earn points for each student who places in the top eight of the division exams.

Missing 25 Live Rooms and Options

Resolving problems using 25 Live

Moving Templates/Envelopes to a New User in DocuSign

The end user needs access to DocuSign templates created by someone else.

Need Assistance Reestablishing Connection To MBA/MPA Database

The MBA MPA Graduate database is only accessible on campus.

Needing Assistance Installing EagleSoft

Installing Dental Hygiene software. This software is used by Dental Hygiene for the Dental Clinic, Faculty, and Staff.

Needing assistance with PsychData Survey

Need to know how to do something in PsychData.

New Cayuse Guest User Request

Requesting Guest account creation for Guests with Cayuse software

Not allowing to sign on (macOS)

Enable a user in FileVault

Not Receiving Reappointment Notifications in K2

How to receive reappointment notifications in K2

Offering a Shift in Microsoft Shifts

Guide on offering a shift to someone in Microsoft Shifts

Opening PDF Outside of Chrome Browser

Configuring Chrome to save a PDF rather than opening it directly.

Opening Titanium in the Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Client

How to start the Titanium Schedule application using Windows Virtual Desktop web client

Oracle Error Connecting to Database (TNS Connect Timeout)

Receiving TNS Connect timeout error (ORA-12170)

Outlook Not Opening

Repairing problems with Outlook

Outlook View has Changed

Adjusting the window panes to display desired information

Panopto Automatic Machine Captions

Setting in Panopto for Instructors to set new recordings to automatically receive Automatic Machine Captions

PL/SQL Invalid Username/Password Error Message

Problems logging in to PL/SQL Developer

Plan Ahead for Registration

Follow these instructions to plan ahead for future academic terms.

PowerBi Access

How to get access to PowerBi

PowerPoint File Won't Open

Open the version of the file that is not greyed out.

Problem Booting Into macOS Operating System

Troubleshooting steps for a macOS computer not booting.

Problems Checking In for Telehealth Visit

Use to fill out Telehealth forms

Problems Connecting to Through Horizon Client

Use HTML Access option to bypass home network restrictions

Problems Logging Onto USD Owned Computer

How to get my computer to log into the domain

Problems Opening PDF

Ask for another copy from the owner of the file

Problems playing a video

Corrupted video files won't play correctly

Problems Syncing in DVSport

Problems syncing (DVSport)

Processing New Dakota Disc Software

Process for receiving a new Dakota Disc

Processing the Graduate Application Folder

Graduate School uses ImageNow for Graduate Application Processing.

PsychData Account Maintenance

Perform PsychData maintenance.
Move PsychData Account to New User - this is done if someone is leaving or no longer dealing with the surveys and the department wants to keep the surveys and data

Questions or Issues with RegisterBlast

RegisterBlast is a way for administrators to manage exam schedules online, and for students to register online

Questions Regarding University Subscriptions for Grammarly

Grammarly subscriptions through the University

Receiving an Error in the Authnet Database During FUPLOAD Export

Correctly exporting FUPLOAD files in the Authnet database

Receiving Configuration Manager Popup

Contact the Service Desk for assistance

Receiving ImageNow Batch Error Message

How to fix ImageNow Batch error: This batch is waiting to be processed by batch agent

Receiving Internal Server Error when viewing D2L Videos

Try opening the D2L video in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome rather than Safari

Receiving Lua Error Script Message in ILLiad Docline

How to fix a Lua Script Error in ILLiad Docline

Receiving Not Authorized Error in Banner

Troubleshooting error User not authorized to access GUQSETI in Banner 8

Receiving Password Errors in macOS After Changing USD Password

Steps for working with password issues on macOS

Receiving Security Error in Web Browser

Grant an exception for the webpage

Recording Affiliates in Banner

How Affiliates are coded in Banner

Removing Advising Holds

How Advisors can remove registration holds.

Removing Extensions from Chrome

This is how to remove extensions from the Chrome web browser

Reporting an Issue with USD Website Security Certificate

Reporting a connection not secure error when browsing to

Reporting Error While Using Evisions

Abnormal Program Termination within Evisions / Argos

Reporting Issue Running Origin Pro Software

Reporting an issue with using Origin Pro software on campus computers

Reports are Missing from My Content in Cognos

Items missing from My Content in Cognos may not be recovered, but there are ways to avoid the loss

Request to Add a New Stanza to ezProxy

How to requesting adding a new title to EZProxy

Request to Change Scholarship Manager Interface to Next Term

Steps for Scholarship office to request interface term change and ensure TerraDotta contact at change from Spring/Summer to Summer/Fall to get new Academic Year for Nextgen

Requesting a Change on a DocuSign Powerform

How to update a powerform used by DocuSign

Requesting a License Key for Bluebeam

How to add a license key in Bluebeam

Requesting a New Automation Process

Instructions on how to get the ball rolling for a new automation.

Requesting a Room be Added/Updated in TMA

Requesting that a room be added to TMA for work order creation

Requesting a SAS Report

How to request a SAS Report

Requesting a WebAdmit Export Added to or Removed from the Automated Process

Instructions on requesting a new WebAdmit export be added to the automated process from WebAdmit to Image Now

Requesting Access to Business School SAS Server

How to request access to the Beacom School of Business's SAS Server.

Requesting Access to DegreeWorks

How to request access to Degree Works

Requesting Access to Digital Measures

How to request access to Digital Measures.

Requesting Access to Gaussian Software on Lawrence

How to request access to Gaussian software on Lawrence

Requesting Access to MBA/MPA Graduate Studies Database

How to request permissions for the MBA_MPA database

Requesting Access to Milestone Security Cameras

Requesting Access to Milestone of Xprotect

Requesting Access to MSA/CAS/MyApps for State Bill-Paying or ACH Transactions

User needs set up for MSA/CAS/MyApps for bill paying, or ACH transactions (Scottish Rite)

Requesting Access to the Directory Image Management Application

How to request access to Directory Image Management

Requesting Access to Virtual Machine(VM) SQL Server

Process for requesting changes in access to the virtual machine SQL Server instances

Requesting Administrative Access to DCOM Workstations

How to request administrative access to DCOM computers

Requesting AIMS Restart

How to request AIMS restarts.

Requesting an Exception to Allow Unsupported Software

Process for requesting an exception to current software policy

Requesting Anti-Virus Software for MacOS

Instructions on how to request the installation of anti-virus software for MacOS

Requesting Assistance with a Credit Card Machine

How to request a credit card machine hookup

Requesting Assistance with Software or Application Used in Medical Research

Assistance with Software used for medical research and analysis

Requesting Automic Scheduler process setup assistance (Banner processes)

How to request assistance with Automic process scheduler request

Requesting Blackboard Workstation to be Installed

Requesting the installation of Blackboard Workstation

Requesting Changes/Updates/Features to Banner PL/SQL Query or Process

How to request changes (Adding functionality, changes, etc) to existing PL/SQL queries or processes

Requesting Changes/Updates/Features to General Jitterbit Applications or Scripts

How to request changes (Adding functionality, textual changes, etc) to existing Jitterbit applications

Requesting Changes/Updates/Features/New to ColdFusion Applications or Scripts

How to request changes (Adding functionality, textual changes, etc) to existing applications on

Requesting Changes/Updates/Features/New to General .Net Applications

How to request changes (Adding functionality, textual changes, etc) to existing applications on

Requesting Cohorts Be Loaded into Banner

Contact the Service Desk after fall term extract is frozen with the year the Fed Cohorts need loaded into Banner.

Requesting Corrections to a K2 Blackpearl Application

How to request corrections to K2 Applications where errors exist

Requesting Dental Hygiene Accreditation Reports

How to request dental hygiene accreditation reports

Requesting Departmental Payment Accounts (Index Names) In MBM

How to request new departmental payment accounts in MBM (Mission Based Management) Med School System

Requesting Duplicate Medical School Faculty Entry Removal

Guide on how to request removal of duplicate med faculty entries

Requesting FTP / SSH Application Installation

How to request the installation of SSH Secure Shell (FTP)

Requesting Fusion software

Requesting an installation of Fusion

Requesting Graphics on Digital Signage TV's

How to request a graphic on a marketing TV

Requesting Greenshot Installation

How to install Greenshot

Requesting Illiad Software

How to install Illiad Client software

Requesting Increased Server Drive Space

Request for increasing server drive space

Requesting Informational Computer Session for Incoming Students

Requesting ITS informational session for incoming classes

Requesting Innosoft Fusion Memberships Update

How to request an update memberships in the Innosoft Fusion wellness center application.

Requesting Installation of Li-Cor Image Studio

Requesting installation of Li-Cor Image Studio software

Requesting Installation of Metasys

Requesting access to Metasys

Requesting License Purchase or Renewal for GraphPad Prism

Requesting GraphPad Prism license renewal or new purchase

Requesting Li-Cor Image Studio Key Installation

Requesting installation of a key in Li-Cor Image Studio

Requesting Modifications to SharePoint

How to get a tab created or modify a form in SharePoint

Requesting Origin Pro 9 Installation

How to request Origin Pro 9

Requesting Panopto Recording Link

How to request link for Panopto recording

Requesting Patch to ArcGIS Software

Requesting patch of ArcGIS software

Requesting PC Ace Update

How to update PC Ace software

Requesting PC SAS

How to request a PC SAS License

Requesting PL-SQL Access

How to request access for PL-SQL

Requesting PsychData Account

PsychData was implemented to serve the needs of USD faculty and staff to conduct surveys.

Requesting R or R studio Installation

Information on requesting R and R Studio installation

Requesting Redirection of a Worklist Item within a K2 Blackpearl Application

How to redirect a worklist item to another users workspace within a K2 Blackpearl Application

Requesting Report of EZProxy Access

How to request a report of the users using EZProxy

Requesting Salesforce Application Interfaces Update for New Application Cycle

How to update the Salesforce interface for a new application year

Requesting SAS License Renewal

How to request SAS license renewal

Requesting Sitecore Access

How to request Sitecore access

Requesting Snagit Installation

How to request Snagit

Requesting SPSS License Renewal

Renewing SPSS License information

Requesting SPSS Software

How to request SPSS software on computers

Requesting the Use/Approval of New Software

How to request approval for use of new software

Requesting Time Off in Microsoft Shifts

Guide on requesting time off in Microsoft Teams

Requesting to Add Credit Card Transactions to Software/Application

How to request integration of service

Requesting to Add or Remove Students from MBM

Guide on requesting PA active student list update in Mission Based Management (MBM)

Requesting to Swap a Shift in Microsoft Shifts

Guide on how to request to swap a shift in Microsoft Shifts

Requesting to Update Sage HRMS Software

Updating Sage HRMS Software

Requesting Training in Data Cookbook

Requesting training for USD Data Cookbook.

Requesting Update to Chick-Fil-A Menu Information on Point of Sale Register(CFA POS)

Requesting Update to Chick-Fil-A information on Point of Sale Register(CFA POS)

Requesting Updates or Deletes to a Faculty Activity in MBM

Guide on how to report MBM Faculty Activity entries that need updated.

Requesting Updates to Activity (Rates) Information in MBM

How to request assistance for updating activity information (pay rate, description, type, etc.) in Mission Based Management (MBM).

Requesting Updates to MWDeafConference Website Content

MWDeafConference website content needs updated.

Requesting User Access to Department in Mission Based Management (MBM)

How to request department access for a user in MBM (Mission Based Management) Med School System

Requesting users added to B-Line

How to add users to B-Line

Requesting Watchguard Patrol Car Camera Access

Requesting a change to the UPD Officer Watchguard list

Resetting Chrome to Defaults

Steps for resetting Chrome to defaults

Resetting Profile for Google Chrome

These steps are to clear your Google Chrome profile and recreate a new profile so you don't loose bookmarked pages every time you close google Chrome

Resetting Titanium Account Password

Contact the department you work with for assistance with Titanium passwords

Resolving OneDrive Syncing Issues

Resolving file conflicts in OneDrive

Resolving Word Work File Error

Clear temp files to resolve Word issue

Restoring Previous File Version in OneDrive

Steps for restoring a previous version of a file in OneDrive

Running a SQL Query Against Banner Data

How to run a SQL query against Banner

Running a Transaction Report in Pharos Reports

How to run a print or copy report in Pharos Reports

Scantron Test Grading

ITS has a Scantron Test Scanner for grading purposes that provide test scanning services to faculty to quickly and accurately grade multiple choice exams

SDSU Box Search Not Generating Results

Click the Box icon by the clock and use that search option to find files

SDSU Zoom Application Install

Zoom app install for SDSU

Security Camera Log In Issues

How to log in to the Milestone XProtect Smart Client software

Seeing Multi-Page Documents in ImageNow (Perceptive Content)

TIFF document pages in ImageNow are not displayed without using Multi-TIFF customizations.

Seqbuilder License

How to get a Seqbuilder\DNAstar license

Set up Titanium Local Computer File Upload in Azure

Configuring a local folder for file upload in Azure WVD Titanium

Signature is Missing When Printing from Adobe Pro

How to set Adobe to print a PDF including signatures,mark-up and comments

Signing in to Adobe Creative Cloud

USD switched from personal named Adobe licenses to federated licenses. Users need to sign out of their personal Adobe accounts and sign in with their USD account to use the new license.

Software For Student Purchase

How do students purchase software

SPSS Software for Students

SPSS software is available to use in the Academic Commons or can be purchased.

Statewide System Technical Calls

Statewide Technical calls are held regularly to help plan, coordinate, communicate, and provide decision-making regarding statewide systems

Students Not in StarRez

Request for running SQL to get student data

Submitting a Project Request

How to download and submit a Project Estimate Request for ITS to help with the implementation or update of systems.

Taking an Open Shift in Microsoft Shifts

Guide on requesting to take an open shift in Microsoft Shifts

Titanium Install/Access or Update

Installing Titanium on USD computers

Trouble Accessing Coyote Connections

How to resolve issues with Coyote Connections

Troubleshoot General Titanium Issues

How to contact Titanium support when issues arise

Troubleshooting Scanning into EagleSoft Smart Docs

The instructions explain how to correct a problem with scanning documents into SmartDocs.

TurningPoint Audience Response System

TurningPoint is the audience response system available for use by the campus community at the University of South Dakota

Turnstiles not working correctly

Issues with turnstiles not functioning correctly

Unable to Access Docusign

Reporting an issue accessing Docusign and receiving error SSOv1 is being deprecated. Please contact your account team.

Unable to Access VitalSource Online Textbook

How to enable Cookies for VitalSource online textbooks

Unable to Enter Grades in D2L

Use Firefox, instead of Internet Explorer, to use drop down options

Unable to Establish Secure Connection When Trying to Access website - Mac OS

Trying to access secure web site may produce a message "Unable to establish secure connection".

Unable to Log Into MBM

Troubleshooting login issues to MBM

Unable to Read D2L Assignments

How to show D2L assignments in the course

Unable to Run Deficit Fund Report

Checking deficit fund report

Uninstall and Reinstall Examplify

Uninstall Examplify and clean re-installation procedure

Uninstall Grammarly

Steps to Uninstall Grammarly

Unzipping or Extracting Zipped Files

How to extract zipped files

Update Print Driver

How to update your printer driver

Updating Email Preferences in VisitDays

How to set up or change email preferences in VisitDays (for faculty or staff).

Updating Keystone Web Software

How to update Keystone Web Software

Updating Microsoft Office on Mac

How to completely uninstall Office 2011 and Uninstall Office 2016 on a Mac

Updating Online Deposit Deadline

How to update the deadline for an online deposit when the online deposit type is not available or clickable or if the deadline needs to be changed.

Updating Permissions on Shared File Storage

How to verify your permissions are correct on your Shared File Storage

Updating Primary Email for Coyote Connections

How to update the primary email for Coyote Connections

Updating SDDeaf or SDSBVI Website Content

Guide on how to update the SDDeaf or SDSDBVI websites

Updating Windows 10 Through Software Center

How to update to the most recent version of Windows 10.

Upgrading Stata Software

To upgrade Stata software, request an upgrade quote at

Using GJIREVO to View Banner Report Output

How to access the output of processes you have run in Banner Admin using GJIREVO

Using VisitDays to Invite Attendees to On-Campus or Virtual Events

How to get started with using VisitDays, USD's Event Management System.

Web Browser Requirements for Applications

Which applications require a certain web browser

Web Extender Error Message

Banner Document Management is installed at your site, but you are not set up as a user in that system. Please contact your Administrator for information.

Windows Staying at Installing Updates

Wait for the update to finish and power off the computer if it doesn't