Application being blocked by Java Rule Set


Application is being blocked with Java pop up windows

Java screen flashes and won't open 

I need Argos for the transcripts

Javascript does not show the secure login popup

Error: Application blocked by deployment ruleset error

Error: Application blocked for Security. Failed to validate certificate


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Expired certificate in the Java deployment ruleset


  1. Rename C:Windows\Sun to C:\Windows\sun.old
    1. If you receive the error - cannot rename, folder in use, close all Internet Explorer windows and retry, this will allow the rename to complete
  2. Verify is in the Java exception list
    1. At the bottom of the screen, in the "Type here to search" box, type Java
    2. Click on the Configure Java App
    3. On the "Security" tab there is an area titled "Exception Site List" - make sure the address above is in the list
    4. If not, click the "Edit Site List" button
    5. Copy the address in blue above
    6. Click the "Add" button
    7. Paste the link into the blank space
    8. Click OK, then click OK again


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