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How to see a student's current term registrations in Banner Admin
Steps to unlock your Self Service account.
Self Service registration is web-based and mobile friendly, allowing students to search/register for classes anytime & anywhere on their device of choice. (Registration permitted after their time ticket date and advisor hold has been removed) .
Clear browser cache & cookies when receiving HTTP Error 400 in Self-Service
How to log into Self-Service
How to update primary email addresses in Banner
How to request changes (Adding functionality, changes, etc) to existing PL/SQL queries or processes
How to unlock a Banner account
Requesting access to TSAAREV
How to delete report output using the GJIREVO screen for processes you have run
How to access the output of processes you have run in Banner Admin using GJIREVO
Troubleshooting a query only role error in Banner
How to request access for Cognos
When/How can Instructors put grades in Self Service?
Statewide Technical calls are held regularly to help plan, coordinate, communicate, and provide decision-making regarding statewide systems