Blackboard Transact, Coyote Card and Door Security

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Pinned Article Coyote Card Resources

List of Coyote Card resources.

Pinned Article Requesting Coyote Card

Ordering Coyote Card, student ID faculty staff ID or coyote ID

Pinned Article Using Coyote Card Mobile

Using the Coyote Card Mobile app

Adding Coyote Card to GrubHub

How do I add my coyote card to the GrubHub app

Becoming a Coyote Cash Vendor

Information on adding Coyote Cash as a form of payment for your buisness

Checking Account Balances for Coyote Card

Where to Check Account Balances for Coyote Card

Checking Account Transaction History for Coyote Card

View account statements and account transactions are available through Coyote Card Online

Checking your iOS and Android Device Version

How do I check my iPhone, Apple Watch or Android device version?

Coyote Card Attendance Event Creation

This is the process on creating attendance event in Transact and configuring the event in the iValidate device.

Coyote Card Event Reader Not Working

How to troubleshoot and request help with Event Readers.

Coyote Card Mobile Not Working

What to do if your Coyote Card Mobile is not working. error Your login is correct, but your account has not been properly registered in your school's Transact system and we cannot access your account information.

Coyote Card Negative Transactions or Balances

How to address Coyote Card negative transactions or balances.

Coyote Card Use

You will use your building access, vending machines, photocopies, printing, supplies, laundry and books and even as a debit card that can be used with campus and community vendors.

Coyote Card Wristbands

How to update wristbands

Coyote Cash - Depositing Money to Coyote Card

How to add Coyote Cash or add-on flex to coyote card.

Coyote Cash - Guest Deposit on Coyote Card

Steps for others to make a guest deposit to someone else's account . Coyote Cash or Add-on Flex

Coyote Cash Vendors

What vendors accept Coyote Cash as one form of payment?

Datacard SD460 Data Card Printer Issues

How to report an issue with our Data Printer

Disputing Coyote Card Deposit

How to handle Coyote Cash credit card dispute

Error Depositing Funds to Coyote Card

How to add coyote card balance

Getting Error When Using Blackboard

Resolving Blackboard error verifying system customer information

Installing Coyote Card Mobile

How to install Coyote Card Mobile, Install Google Wallet Samsun Wallet, and Apple Wallet

Installing eAccounts mobile app

How to download eAccounts mobile app.

Lost or Stolen Coyote Card, Deactivate or Activate your card

How to Deactivate or Activate your card, What to do if you lost your Coyote Card.

Missing Coyote Card Deposit

What to do if you need to report a missing Coyote Card Deposit

PHIL Station Out of Service

How to report a Phil Station is out of service.

Picture Not Updating When Printing ID in Instant ID

What to do when there's an issue with Instant ID not updating the photo in Transact after printing a new ID or Coyote Card.

Reactivating Coyote Card

How to reactivate your Coyote Card

Receiving eAccounts Mobile Error Something Went Wrong

Receiving an error when logging into eAccounts

Removing Coyote Card Mobile ID

How to remove Coyote Card mobile from your device.

Requesting Blackboard Monitored Door Schedule Override

How to request a Blackboard controlled door schedule override

Requesting Blackboard Student Account Batch Import

How to request an import of student accounts into Blackboard.

Requesting Coyote Card for Affiliate, Contractors, or Vendors

How to get a Coyote Card ID for Affiliate, Contractors, or Vendors

Requesting Coyote Card Receipt Paper

How to request more coyote card receipt paper

Requesting Coyote Cash as a Prize

I have an event I would like to award Coyote Cash as a prize

Requesting Coyote Cash for Greek Life Students

How to add Coyote Cash to Greek students.

Requesting Event Reader Attendance Report

How to request an Event Reader Attendance Report.

Requesting Funds added to Library Guest Printing Account

Guest printing account uses Coyote Cash and needs to have funds added

Requesting Refund of Coyote Cash when Graduating or withdrawing from USD

Students may request a Coyote Cash refund if they have a balance of $10.00 or more and are graduating or withdrawing from USD.

Requesting Refund of funds from Coyote Card

Overcharged or Laundry issue when making a purchase at a campus vendor

Requesting Replacement Card

Requesting replacement card for lost or stolen card

Requesting Transact Access Plan Audit

Requesting Transact Access Plan Audit

Requesting Transact Password Reset

How to reset your Blackboard password

Scheduling Coyote Card Door Access

Steps needed to schedule card access doors be unlocked during an event on campus.

Sodexo Bonus Flex for Survey Winners

How to request Sodexo Bonus Flex for Survey Winners

Transact Sign on issues (Coyote Card Funds)

Contact the Service Desk with Coyote Card/Blackboard Transact Sign in Issues

Types of Coyote Card Funds

Coyote Card Funds Summary

Unable to Use Pharos Copier After Adding Mobile ID Through eAccounts

Older style cards may not work in the Pharos Uprint system.

Uncharged Transaction from Coyote Cash

Processing Uncharged Transaction

Update Add-on Flex Dates in Transact

Changing Bonus Percentage of Add-on Flex in Transact

Viewing Meal Plan swipes or Coyote Card Balances

How do I see how many meals are remaining on my meal plan