Requesting Refund of funds from Coyote Card


Charged incorrect at on campus food vendor 

Overcharged by Laundry reader

Issue with Laundry reader 

Issue with laundry machine

Unrecognized charges on Coyote card

why am i charged .59 for every transaction that I make?


  • Coyote Cash 
  • Flex dollars
  • Carry Over Flex
  • Add On/Bonus Flex


Overcharged when making a Coyote Card purchase, When a student, staff or faculty member submits a Coyote Cash Laundry or Vending refund request due to an issue with a laundry or a vending machine reader, they must report the issue within 48 hours


Note: Only money that can be refunded is money added by the student, and University-added funds cannot be withdrawn

Note: Students may request a Coyote Cash refund if graduating or withdrawing from USD,  Follow article Requesting Refund of Coyote Cash when Graduating or withdrawing from USD

  1. Flex (Meal Plan) Refund: Please contact University Housing for assistance
  2. Coyote Cash or Add-On Flex Refund
    1. The following paperwork needs to be completed to obtain a refund
      1. First/Last Name
      2. Student/Staff/Faculty ID number
      3. Location that the problem occurred
      4. Date & Time
      5. Brief description of what the problem was or the error that was received
        • Laundry Floor and Washer/Dryer with the machine number
        • Overcharged at vendor location, Including Vendor and issue
        • Beverage or Snack Vending machine location and issue
    2. Complete the form based off of refund you are requesting
    3. A W-9 must be completed to receive a Coyote Cash refund. W-9 forms must be submitted online here
      • For more information on the W-9, including paper forms and W-8 forms, please visit Financial Affairs.
  3. After the issue has been researched and approved, the credit will be applied to the funds initially used 


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Students may request a Coyote Cash refund if they have a balance of $10.00 or more and are graduating or withdrawing from USD.