Coyote Cash - Depositing Money to Coyote Card


How do I add money to my Coyote Card account?


  • Coyote Card
  • Pharos Printing
  • Add-On Flex
  • Transact


Coyote Card Online

Note: Guests can make deposits for you following Guest Deposit on Coyote Card

Note: You can NOT purchase Pharos debit, printing will pull from Coyote Cash if Pharos debit is empty

  1. Browse to Coyote Card Online 
  2. Sign in with your USD Email Address
  3. On the Deposit Information Screen
    1. Click +Add Money for the account you want to deposit funds
      • USD Coyote Cash
      • USD Add -On Flex
    2. Enter the amount you want to deposit
      • Minimum deposit amount: 10.00 USD
      • Maximum deposit amount: 1,000.00 USD
    3. Click Next
  4. On the Blackboard Payment Gateway 
    1. Enter your Credit card information 
    2. Enter your billing information 
    3. Click Submit
      Note: You are NOT charged at this point
  5. On the Confirm Deposit page
    Note: You must click Make Deposit before you are charged
    1. Review the information is correct
      1. Beneficiary Information 
        • Last Name
        • Student ID 
        • Deposit information 
        • Billing Information 
    2. Click Make Deposit
  6. On the Receipt page, you will see the receipt of deposit
    1. Print this page for your records ~or~
    2. View your USD email account as a receipt is automatically sent 
      Note: If this email was not received the deposit was not complete

Coyote Card Mobile App

  1. Open eAccounts App on your mobile device
  2. Click Add Money button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select the account to depoit to  and click next
  4. Enter the dollar amount to add
  5. Review and Submit


Automatic machine or PHIL stations

Note: These machines only accept cash

  • Coyote Village main desk
  • North Complex front doors
  • MUC next to ATM by main desk

Coyote Card office in the I.D Weeks room 104

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Apple Pay

Please contact the Coyote Card Office if you need further assistance


  1. Follow Adding Funds to Coyote Card
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