Coyote Card


Coyote Card and Coyote Card Mobile are your most important pieces of identification at USD.  Use your Coyote Card or Coyote Card Mobile to pay for purchases – no change to carry, no receipt to sign – because your photo is on each and can be verified before each transaction. 

Note: The Coyote Card office has moved to I D Weeks Library room 104

Click the Student ID Request button on this page to submit your picture and order your ID card.  

Coyote Card Mobile will make it easier and more convenient for students and faculty to access buildings like their residence hall or assigned academic building and make payments on and around campus including paying for dining services, using just their iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone.

  • Your Coyote Card & Coyote Card Mobile are linked to your Student ID
  • To use Coyote Card or Coyote Card mobile, tap your card, iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone against the reader and you’re done
  • Your physical Coyote Card will continue to function after you have added your Coyote Card Mobile ID to your device ​​​​
    Note: We recommend retaining your physical Coyote Card as a backup in case you lose your device 
  • Visit Coyote Card Online to:
    • Add Funds​​
      Note: Family and friends must know the student's last name and campus ID number to make a deposit on their behalf using the Make a guest deposit button
    • Check balances
    • Review transaction history 
  • Use your Physical Coyote Card or Coyote Card Mobile app for:
    • Identification at USD
    • Paying for meals
    • Library card
    • Residence hall door access
    • Laundry
    • Vending machines
    • Photocopies
    • Printing
    • Supplies
    • Books
    • As a debit card for campus and community vendors
      Note: off-campus vendors accept Coyote Cash only
  • View list of Coyote Cash Vendors 
    Note: Merchants on-campus and off-campus may be updated at any time
  • Pay for purchases through three types of funds: 
    • Coyote Cash – a debit account for use for a variety of on and off-campus merchants
    • Flex – for all on-campus dining options, concessions
    • Pharos Debit– on-campus printing
  • Funds are drained in the following order:
    1. Flex
    2. Carry Over Flex
    3. Add-On Flex
    4. Carry Over Add-On Flex
    5. Bonus Flex
    6. Coyote Cash

Coyote Card FAQ's 

Note: For more information regarding specific guidelines, see Funds Information

Target Completion Date

Student ID Requests will be completed in 7 to 10 business days

Available To

Students, Faculty and Staff

  • There is no cost for the initial card
  • Replacement ID’s may be requested and cost $20 using Coyote Cash or a credit card payment via phone

There are a variety of policies assigned to the various funding available on your Coyote card.  Be sure to read through the restrictions, expiration dates, and USD policies at Funds Information 

Student Code of Conduct