Installing Coyote Card Mobile


How do I download Coyote Card Mobile access to my iPhone or iWatch?

How do I download Coyote Card Mobile access to my android phone or android watch?


  • Coyote Card
  • iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or later with iOS 12 or later
  • Apple Watch Series 1 or later with Watch OS 5 or later
  • Apple ID signed into iCloud
  • Android Version 6.0 or later
  • eAccounts Mobile App
  • Device must have NFC


Note: Coyote Card Mobile does not replace your physical Coyote Card.  A Coyote Card is still required, it must be carried at all times and upon request must be shown or surrendered to USD Officials.

  1. You will need to have an image on file to use Coyote Card Mobile, if you haven't submitted one
    • On Campus: Go to Coyote Card Office
      • I D Weeks Library Room 104
    • Online: Go to the Coyote Card service to submit your photo

Adding Mobile ID to Apple Wallet on First Device

Note:  You can add your student ID to one iPhone and one Apple Watch
Note:  You will need to have DUO installed and registered to your device. See Signing up for DUO MFA

  1. Install using one of the following methods
  2. Open the eAccounts  app
  3. Progress through startup screen
  4. Tap Get Started
  5. Search for Dakota
  6. Select South Dakota DSU-SDSU-USD-NSU
  7. Select USD 
    You may be asked to approve DUO credentials
  8. Click Add to Apple Wallet
  9. Select Apple device and continue through prompts
  10. Click Agree to Terms & Conditions
  11. Wait for notification card has been added
  12. Click Done
  13. Mobile credential is ready to use
    Note: To help you use your ID quickly, Transact has been set to work automatically when iPhone is held near a reader, without requiring Touch ID.
  14. See Using Coyote Card Mobile

Adding Mobile ID to Apple Wallet on Second Device

  1. Log into same iCloud account as first device
  2. Open the App Store on your second device
  3. Browse or Search for Transact eAccounts
  4. Install and Open
  5. Progress through startup screens
  6. Tap Get Started
  7. On Campus ID screen tap 
  8. Tap Add or Remove Campus ID from Wallet
  9. Choose second device
  10. On Add Card to Wallet screen tap Next
  11. Complete online instructions
  12. See Using Coyote Card Mobile


Adding Mobile ID to Android device

Note: You will need to have DUO installed and registered to your device. See Signing up for DUO MFA
Note: You will need Google Pay installed and enabled on your device 

  1. Enable NFC 
    1. Go to Settings Menu
    2. Select Connections
      Note If not found, use Search option on device
    3. Toggle NFC to On
    4. Open Google Pay
    5. Check NFC is default payment application
      Note:  If app prompts to add a card, bypass and return to Google Pay home screen
  2. Install using one of the following methods
  3. Open the eAccounts App
  4. Swipe through introductory screens
  5. Tap Get Started
  6. Search for Dakota
  7. Select South Dakota DSU-SDSU-USD-NSU
  8. Select USD 
  9. Click Continue to Sign In
  10. Enter your USD email and password
  11. Click Sign In
  12. Accept DUO authentication
  13. Coyote Card Mobile is ready to use
  14. See Using Coyote Card Mobile

Note:  As long as your enrollment status meets our eligibility/employment requirements, devices you have enrolled will remain current. For security purposes, we may deactivate devices that have not been used for an extended period. You can re-enroll those devices whenever you wish.

Please contact the Coyote Card office for additional assistance.  Contact information is also available from the Coyote Card menu in the eAccounts application


  1. Follow Enabling Coyote Card Mobile



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