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How to request link for Panopto recording
Setting an assignment folder for a D2L class to house student video assignment
Requesting Panopto recordings
An issue exists at the D2L integration managed by Regents Information Systems (RIS).
How to record using Panopto
Installing Panopto on a computer for recording course content
Panopto requires update to stay within window of compatibility. These are steps to install Panopto
Requesting to generate reports from Panopto that will be ran overnight
Request to copy, move, or edit existing Panopto recordings
Reporting a problem with the camera image in a classroom recording or video conference.
Try opening the D2L video in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome rather than Safari
How to host a Zoom sudo-webinar without having a webinar license.
How to change download setting for Panopto folders
Panopto light, used for indicating that recording is in process, is flashing green or multiple colors.
Setting in Panopto for Instructors to set new recordings to automatically receive Automatic Machine Captions