Opening Titanium in the Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Client


How do I start the Titanium application in Azure?


  • Azure
  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • Titanium Schedule


Initial Windows Remote Desktop Client App Install

  1. To download the 64-bit client click:
  2. Run the Remote Desktop installer once it is downloaded
  3. Click Next- Welcome to the Remote Setup
  4. I accept the terms 
  5. Click Next
  6. Select one:
    Install just for you
    Install for all users of this machine (recommended for USD owned computers)
  7. Click Install
    Leave the Launch Remote Desktop when setup exits checked 
  8. Click Finish
  9. Click Subscribe
  10. Type your USD email address or Pick an account - Click your USD email address
  11. Click Next
  12. Click Work or school account
  13. Type your USD email address and password
  14. Click Sign in
    Note: Complete Multifactor Authentication if prompted
  15. Now go to step 4 under the Open Titanium with Windows Remote Desktop Client App heading below


Open Titanium with Windows Remote Desktop Client App

Note: if this is your first time please see the Initial Windows Remote Desktop Client App Install heading below

  1. Click 
  2. Type Remote Desktop
    Right click Remote Desktop select pin to start or pin to taskbar
  3. Click Remote Desktop
  4. Double click Titanium icon
  5. Check Remember me box
  6. Type your password and click OK
    checking Remember me will prevent you from being prompted for a password here moving forward, this should not be used if you share a computer
  7. If you are stuck at Securing remote connection... click Show Details and OK when prompted by the USD log on policy
    Note: this may not happen every time
  8. Type your USD email address or Pick an account - Click your USD email address
  9. Authenticate with your USD account password
    Note: if you're prompted for Duo MFA check Remember me for 30 days to avoid continued prompting
    Note: if presented with the Permissions requested screen from Titanium Software, Inc click Accept
  10. Double click the Titanium icon
  11. Select the appropriate Titanium Department
    1. Psychological Services Center
    2. CSPSC- Counseling and School Psychological Services
    3. Student Counseling Center- Cook House
  12. Type your Titanium Credentials and click OK


Open Titanium with Windows Virtual Desktop Web Client

Note: These instructions work for Windows and macOS

  1. Navigate to the Windows Virtual Desktop web client
  2. If you are not already authenticated, sign in with your USD Email address and password
    Note: select Work or School Account and sign into ADFS
  3. Click Titanium
  4. Click Allow when asked to Access local resources
    Note: check Don't ask me this again if you don't want to be prompted for this every time
  5. Enter your USD Email Address and password again to launch the app
  6. Click Show Details and click OK
  7. Click your email address and enter your USD Credentials
    Note: you may be asked to enter a Duo multi-factor auth
  8. The app should launch and prompt you for Titanium local credentials
    Note: these credentials are internal to the Titanium app


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