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Acrobat Reader keeps Shutting Down

Uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader

Adobe Creative Cloud Device License Asking for Login

Checking to see if a particular computer has a device license for Adobe Creative Cloud rather than a named license installed.

Cannot Sign a PDF

How to sign PDFs

Combine files within Acrobat

You can combine, or merge, almost any file type into one PDF. You could open each file and Save As PDF, but that can become time-consuming. Here are two Pro Tips to help you combine multiple documents into a single PDF faster.

Converting a PDF Document into a Word Document

How to convert a PDF document into a Word document

Create a Self-Signed Digital ID

How to create a self-signed Digital ID

Downloading Adobe Creative Cloud

Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud applications

Downloading Adobe Creative Cloud

Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud applications

Edit PDF file in Adobe Pro

How to edit PDF files:

Error Adobe Acrobat Pro License Has Expired

Reactivate Adobe Acrobat Pro to resolve license issues, or re-sign in to Adobe account

Error Message Signing Into Adobe Acrobat Pro (Perpetual Version)

Getting a denied, you do not have access error message trying to sign in to Adobe Acrobat

How to Encrypt an Adobe Acrobat File Using Adobe Acrobat

Step to encrypt an Adobe PDF with a department determined password

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) - Named License

Steps to register Adobe Creative Cloud Named License
How to register your Adobe account

Installing Adobe Flash Player

How to install Adobe Flash Player

Issue Copying Text From Acrobat

Check file properties in Adobe Acrobat Pro to see if copying of a document is allowed

Issue with Signing in to Adobe Creative Cloud Named License

Resolving problems signing into Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe apps for a named license

Logging into Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Device License

Steps for logging into Adobe Creative Cloud on a computer that uses a shared device license

PDF's in Adobe Acrobat Will Not Display All Content

Changing Adobe references to correct colors in PDF's

Problems Printing PDFs

Troubleshooting issues printing PDF documents

Receiving Blank Box in Adobe Acrobat

Steps to resolve blank box in Acrobat

Reducing the Size of a Scanned File

Ways to reduce the size of a scanned file

Renewing Adobe License

How to renew Adobe license

Requesting Adobe Acrobat Pro Perpetual

How to request Adobe Acrobat pro on your work computer

Requesting Installation of Adobe Creative Cloud Device License

Requesting assistance with installing Adobe Creative Cloud device license

Requesting List of Adobe Licenses for Department

Requesting a list of Adobe licenses for a department

Requesting to Switch Adobe Software License

Switching named users license and updating spreadsheet

Requesting Update of Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to request that Adobe Acrobat Reader be updated

Signature is Missing When Printing from Adobe Pro

How to set Adobe to print a PDF including signatures,mark-up and comments

Signing in to Adobe Creative Cloud

USD switched from personal named Adobe licenses to federated licenses. Users need to sign out of their personal Adobe accounts and sign in with their USD account to use the new license.

Software in Adobe Creative Cloud License

List of applications included in Creative Cloud All Apps

Unable to use Adobe Creative Cloud Device License on a Lab Computer

If a student is unable to access Adobe Creative Cloud applications on a lab computer that has the device licensed version installed, verify that no one else is logged into CC

Updating Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud should be set to automatically update, but if not, here is how to set it to auto-update.