Uninstalling Adobe Creative Cloud Complete


We no longer want Adobe Creative Cloud Complete,(CCC) how do I uninstall it


  • Windows 10
  • Adobe CCC


No longer wish to continue subscription or employee left


Note: Notify the Service Desk if you would like a named or device Creative Cloud license subscription to be unassigned or transferred to another person 

  1. Click 
  2. Select Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop
  3. Enter Email Address
  4. Select Work or School Account
  5. Enter Email Address
  6. Enter Password
  7. Choose your preferred DUO option
  8. Click No
    Note: Complete Step 9-10 for all installed Adobe Applications
  9. Click  next to first listed Adobe Application
  10. Select Uninstall
  11. After all apps are uninstalled, SIgn Out of Adobe CC Desktop 
  12. Close Adobe CC Desktop Window
  13. Download Adobe CCC Desktop App Uninstaller for correct OS version
  14. Right click downloaded file
  15. Select Extract
  16. Click Extract
  17. Right click Creative Cloud Uninstaller.exe
  18. Select Run as Administrator
  19. Click Uninstall
  20. Click Close
  21. Reboot computer


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