Using GJIREVO to View Banner Report Output


How do I view the output of a process I ran in Banner?


  • Banner Admin


I just ran a process, or a process ran on a schedule, and now I want to see the output of the process


Note: You can only display output from processes YOU have run

  1. Log in to Banner Admin, if you are not already in Banner
  2. In the main Banner window, type GJIREVO in the search box
  3. The result Saved Output Review (GJIREVO) will be shown
  4. Either click on the GJIREVO result, or press Enter to proceed to the next screen
  5. The Saved Output Review GJIREVO screen will be displayed
  6. In the Process field, type the name of the process you wish to display the output for
  7. Click the ellipses ... on the Number: field
  8. Select which output you want to display (.LIS files are the report output, .LOG files show messages about the job run, and errors encountered)
  9. The output will be displayed on the screen
  10. To save the output to a file you can work with
    1. Click the Tools button in the upper right of the screen
    2. Click the Show Document (Save and Print File) option
    3. Click the Yes button on the message box in the upper right [You have selected to Show file xxx in a browser.  Do you wish to continue?]
    4. The results will be displayed in a browser window
    5. Right-click in this window
    6. Click the Save As option
    7. Choose a location for the file by navigating to the desired folder, then click on it
    8. Type a name to save the file as in the File name: prompt, if desired, or leave the default name
    9. Click the Text Document (*.txt) option
    10. Click the Save button
    11. The file you named is now saved as a .txt document in the location you chose and is available to use


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