Downloading Psychdata Survey Data


Need to export PsychData for reporting and analysis

Need the data from PsychData to Import into same survey in Qualtrics


  • PsychData
  • Excel
  • Other tools depending on file type you download into


Needing data pulled from survey


  1. Log into PsychData 
  2. My Surveys tab
    1. Under column Survey Title
      1. Find survey
    2. Under column Survey Tools
      1. Click Data
  3. Data: Download, View, or Delete screen displays
    1. Choose file format by clicking radio button
      Note: There is a link on the Download Survey Data box that explains the various file formats.  If you are pulling data for importing into Qualtrics, download it as csv
  4. Click Download Survey Data
  5. Click Open
  6. Click Allow
  7. Double click the zip file that displays to open data file
  8. Save your data file


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