Switch Back To Classic Outlook


My computer prompted me to update Outlook today and I hit "ok."  I do not have the "switch back to classic" toggle button.  Any way I can switch back?


  • Outlook 365
  • Windows 10


Outlook updated. Once flipped on, the toggle is irrelevant since the "old" version still exists.


  1. Press +E
  2. Open THIS PC 
  3. Double Click Windows (C:) 
  4. Go to Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
  5. Search for Outlook.exe
  6. Click Outlook.exe
  7. Right Click Outlook.exe
  8. Select Send To > Desktop (Create shortcut)
  9. Close Window
  10. Go to your Desktop
  11. Double Click OUTLOOK - shortcut
  12. Right Click Outlook icon on taskbar and select Pin to taskbar to save shortcut on taskbar


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