Submitting a Project Request


  • Requesting a Project Estimate Request
  • Request ITS to implement a new system (hosted or on premise) or update a system


  • Project Estimate Request (PER)


Requesting IT project


Note: This request must be emailed from the email account of the Vice President of the requesting area

Note: ITS should be included in any demos you have

  1. Download the attached Project Estimate Request 2020 (PER)
  2. Email the completed PER to the Service Desk 

    USD Project Request Process, 1. USD would like to buy software, system or make changes to applications, this means ITS involvement will be needed, 2. USD Requester downloads Project Estimate Request (PER), 3. PER filled out and approval of area Vice President received, 4. PER sent to the Service Desk (formerly Help Desk), ITS Project Mgmt. Office (PMO) coordinates ITS review & estimates needs, 5. USD TPC (Technology Project Committee)* reviews, decides on approval & prioritizes, 6. ITS Project Manager appointed, sets up project and coordinates work

Please contact the Service Desk if you need further assistance or have any questions about the process.



  1. Follow Working a project request ticket
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