Creating a Cart in SDezBuy


How do I create a cart for purchasing items

Purchasing University hardware

Assigning a cart after punchout shopping


  • SNAP SDezBuy
  • Punchout catalog


Note: You will need permissions to SDezBuy to assign and create carts

  1. Login to SNAP
  2. Click Finance 
  3. Click Purchasing Tools (SDezBuy) in the My Tools channel
  4. Enter User Name and Password provided by the purchasing office
  5. Click the punchout button for the Supplier you wish to shop
    Note: All Supplier sites look different
    Note: Generally, punchout catalogs have special contract pricing and discounts
  6. Shop for item(s)
  7. Click Add to cart
  8. When finished shopping Click Checkout, this brings the items to SDezBuy as a shopping cart
    1. You can update your cart name (optional)
    2. Add the commodity code (if not already populated)
      Note: Changes will be saved automatically
    3. Since you retrieved items from a punchout catalog, to adjust the order quantity or add or remove items,
      • you will need to return to the punchout catalog to make this adjustment using the Modify Items link within the shopping cart or requisition
  9. Click Proceed to Checkout 
  10. If you are assigning this cart to a user in a different department than your own
    1. Click  in General 
    2. Click Prepared for 
    3. Search for the last name of the user
      1. If this field is not accessible, click the Department Approver field
      2. Select a department from your drop-down
    4. Click Save Changes
  11. Click in Shipping
    1. Change the following fields if necessary
      • Contact Name
      • Phone
      • Email
      • Select a profile address or enter a nickname in Search additional to find a new address not in your profile
      • Click the radio button to use an existing address for your order
  12. Scroll down to Delivery Options ​​​​​​​
  13. Change the Delivery Date
    • ​​​​​​​Format mm/dd/yyyy 
    • Select from calendar​​​​​​​
  14. An FOB will default from your profile
    1. To change the FOB, click the arrow and select from the available option
  15. Verify the information is correct and click on Save Changes
  16. Click in the Quote/Contract number field and type the quote or contract number
    1. If the quote is an emailed quote, enter Quote by John Smith 3/18/202X. If no quote, type “na”
  17. ITS Only: Add a comment with the TeamDynamix Ticket Number
  18. Click the checkmark symbol to save
  19. Click the Assign Cart button at the top right of the screen to submit you order for approval
    1. Your primary Assignee defaults
    2. If other than primary is needed, select from the drop-down or search if not found
      Note: If cart is for software that must be purchased with a procurement card indicate this in the comment so requisition can be cancelled after ITS approval
      Note: For Lee Med orders include requestor name and Index number provided by requestor in comment
  20. Track the progress of your requisition using the email notifications you receive or within SDezBuy

Please find additional instructions by clicking on the Purchasing Training Resources link in the My Tools channel on SNAP or on the Home/Shop screen in SDezBuy.  


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