Creating a Cart for a Non-Catalog Item in SDezBuy


How do I create a cart for non-catalog items for personalized quotes

Purchasing University hardware

Purchasing University software


  • SNAP SDezBuy


Item is not listed in the SDezBuy catalog


Note: You will need permissions to SDezBuy to assign and create carts

  1. Login to SDezbuy directly or via SNAP
  2. Click Non-Catalog Item
  3. Type information based on the quote provided by supplier
    1. Enter Supplier
    2. Product Description
    3. Catalog Number
    4. Quantity
    5. Price Estimate
    6. Packaging
  4. Click Save and Close
  5. Go to your cart and select Checkout
  6. Click General
  7. Click Edit
  8. Click Select a different user
  9. Enter the last name of superuser
  10. Click Select
  11. Click Save
  12. Go to Summary Tab
  13. On Internal Notes and Attachments click Add Attachments
  14. Attach quotes by clicking Select Files...
  15. Click Save Changes
  16. Click Assign Cart
  17. Start typing in the First name of superuser
    Note: If cart is for software that must be purchased with a procurement card, indicate this in the comment so requisition can be cancelled after ITS approval
    Note: For Lee Med orders include comment with requestor name and Index number provided by requestor
  18. Click Assign


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