Articles about the purchase of discounted personal laptops and software.

Articles (16)

Creating a Cart for a Non-Catalog Item in SDezBuy

How to create purchase requisition for a non-catalog item.

Creating a Cart in SDezBuy

The step-by-step process for purchasing through SDezBuy

Getting a Computer Through the Med School Laptop Program

Information on Sanford School of Medicine Laptop recommendation and how to purchase

Package Delivered that is Intended for ITS

What to do if a package is received that was intended for ITS

Package Delivery

Delivering packages

Purchasing a Laptop from USD

USD sells Lenovo Laptops directly to students through the ITS Help Desk in IDW 104

Purchasing an Adobe Creative Cloud License

How to order and process an Adobe Creative Cloud license

Purchasing Apps from the Apple App Store

How to purchase Apple apps for use on university provided iPads

Purchasing New Technology

Process for purchasing new technology including non-standard hardware and software which is hosted or on-premise.

Requesting MATLAB Purchase/Install

This provides a link to the MathWorks WEB site for purchasing information for MATLAB.

Requesting ITS Review of Application for HAMIC Funds

Requesting a review of ITS impact of technology for which funds are being requested from the HAMIC

Requesting Quote for Price of Software

How to request a quote for the price of software

Requesting Quote for Price of Technology Hardware

How to request a quote for new or replacement hardware

Requesting Refunds for Printing with Pharos

Process for requesting a refund for failed print jobs

Requesting to Purchase University Hardware and Software

New computer purchase for Faculty or Staff

Tracking Purchasing Order

Requesting the status of a Purchase Order