Requesting to Purchase University Hardware and Software


Requesting to purchase new hardware   

Requesting information on potential hardware purchases 

School of Ed Needs to know if Articulate software would be Allowed and Supported

I am interested in using a new tool and I wanted to vet this with IT for security purposes

Is there any dictation software available

I am interested in signing up for the Zoom Info Community Edition, it would require for me to download an email plugin. Is this allowed? 

The Dean wants to purchase a copy of Dragon Legal 16

I need help with the design and purchase of a new computer.


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  1. Review Purchasing In-stock Hardware from ITS

Hardware Request

NOTE:  ITS doesn't support wireless printers. Printers need to be connected via USB or Ethernet.

  1. Click the Hardware Request button on this page and provide the following information for your purchasing inquiry:
    1. Who the hardware is for - Including Department
    2. What hardware you are requesting
    3. Location the hardware will be used

Software Requests

  1. Click the Software Request button on this page to create a ticket include the following information
    1. Details about commitment for support
    2. Description of what software is for
    3. Whether this is a new purchase or a renewal
    4. Scope of the software usage – will departments be using it or only a few people
    5. A copy of the Support Service Level Agreement (SLA), if available
    6. If Support SLA is not available provide answers to the following types of questions:
      • How is  the company contacted for support (what phone number, email address, etc.)?
      • What are their support hours?
      • How do we check on support request status or expected resolution time?
      • How quickly do they respond to support requests?
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