view the current reports available from data systems such as Banner or Colleague or request a new report

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Accessing Discoverer Reports in Cognos

Indicates how access can be obtained for Cognos reports that replace 2018 Bi Publisher and Discoverer reports.

Cognos Folder Disappeared after Banner Migration

What to do if Cognos folders are missing.

Cognos Report Does Not Run

Provide information to the Help Desk to request the correct permissions

Copy-Paste from Cognos Report Gives Incorrect Results

Cognos output is HTML by default, highlighting data and copying does nothing, the contents of the clipboard is the same as when you ran the report. Pasting will use the contents of the clipboard, NOT your Cognos output

Data in Cognos Report Not Correct

How to report an issue with a Cognos report.

Dean\Chairs Cognos Report Cheat Sheet

Lists common Cognos reports used by Deans and Chairs in academic programs.

How to run a Cognos Report

How to run a Cognos Report

Logging into Cognos

How to log into Cognos to run reports

Logging into USD Data Cookbook

Access to the Data Cookbook using your Windows credentials.

Questions About Cognos Report Data

Who to contact with questions regarding the source of data in a Cognos report

Request to Import Student Data to CollegiateLink

Requesting to update student data in CollegiateLink for the current term

Requesting a Change to a Report in Cognos

Steps to request a report change in Cognos.

Requesting a Report

Requesting a report from Banner or Student System

Requesting a Secure Cognos Folder Be Created

How to grant access to secure Cognos folder

Requesting a Student Email List for a Specific Program

How to request a student email list for a specific program

Requesting Access to Cognos

How to request access for Cognos

Requesting Cognos Training

How to request Cognos training

Requesting Email Recipient Change for Scheduled Cognos Report

Changing email recipient on scheduled Cognos report.

Requesting Employee Labels

How to request Employee Labels

Scheduled Report/Job in Cognos Did Not Run

Cognos scheduled reports/jobs depend on background credentials in Cognos
Changing ADFS password requires you to MANUALLY renew your credentials in Cognos to run background tasks

Scheduling Reports in Cognos

Schedule Cognos reports to run and export results by email or saving the report file to a selected location.

Updating Parameters for Scheduled Cognos Report

Updating Parameters for Scheduled Cognos Report.