Applications, capabilities, and reports available within the user areas of TeamDynamix (TDNext and the Client Portal).

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Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)

KCS captures knowledge, solves problems faster, enable self service, improve customer and employee satisfaction.

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Pinned Article Viewing my Tickets

How to view tickets you have submitted to Coyote One Stop or ITS.

Add an Employee to TeamDynamix

How to request a TDNext User in TeamDynamix

Approval Requests

Use this article for instructions on working with a workflow approval step.

Creating TeamDynamix Ticket

How to create tickets as a university employee with One Stop Access

Opting Out of Ticket Surveys

Use this article if you want to stop getting ticket surveys

Requesting a RIS TDX Account

How to request a RIS Teamdynamix account

Requesting Change to TeamDynamix Asset Application

Use this article to request a change to the TeamDynamix Asset application

Requesting Change to TeamDynamix Report

Use this article to request changes to a TeamDynamix report

Requesting TeamDynamix Access

Use this article to request access for a new employee to gain access to TeamDynamix to work tickets, assets, knowledge base and etc.

Assigning and Taking Tickets

How to change a ticket's responsibility

Working Tickets

How to work tickets as a university employee with One Stop Access

Adding a Task to Ticket

How to add a task to a ticket

Checking the Status of a Ticket

Checking the status of a ticket

TD Ticket Statuses

Ticket status and definitions used to describe the current status of a ticket.

Adding an Attachment to a Ticket

How to utilize _create to automatically create tickets in TeamDynamix

Add Contacts/People to Tickets

How to Add Contacts/People to Tickets

Searching Tickets

How to search for tickets

How to Schedule a TeamDynamix Ticket

These instructions will guide you on how to create a ticket template and how to create a scheduled ticket.

Merging a ticket into another ticket in TeamDynamix

Directions on how to merge an incident or service request into another incident or service request in TeamDynamix.

Using _create new in Email to Create Tickets

Utilize  _create new to automatically create tickets in TeamDynamix

Requesting Change to TeamDynamix Ticket Form

How to request TeamDynamix ticket form changes.