Microsoft Windows - Operating Systems

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Activating Windows

Steps for activating Windows OS

Allow or Block Pop-Ups in Firefox

Pop-up blocker settings in Firefox

Backing up data

How to request assistance with data backup.

Capturing a Screenshot of Your Desktop

How to take a screenshot on windows computer

Changing Default Programs in Windows 10

How to choose the default programs that a file type will open in.

Computer Has a Corrupt User Profile

User profile is corrupt, need to create a new one

Enabling Microsoft Steps Recorder

Allowing Optional Components

Installing 7-Zip

How to install 7-zip

Installing or Updating Google Chrome

How to download and install Google Chrome

Internet Explorer Will Not Open

Internet Explorer can fail for many different reasons including poor connectivity, malware, corrupt system files, and Windows Updates

Needing Computer to Always be Logged in

Some computers need to be logged into Windows at all times for various reasons

Problems Booting into Windows

Troubleshooting startup repair error and unable to log on to Windows

Receiving Unwanted Popups

What to do when you receive a pop-up or recording that say you have a virus.

Reporting Problems Accessing Department Share Folders or Files

Reporting trouble accessing files or folders on department shares

Requesting Access to Network Drive or Shared Folder

Requesting network drive/File Share access

Requesting Local Account in Windows

How to request a local account

Turning off Mail App in Windows 10

How to reset the Windows 10 Mail app.

Turning off pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer

Steps to disable pop up blocker in Internet Explorer

Unable to Log In to Personal Computer

Creating a new account on a personal computer after user is unable to log into their computer

Unable to open a file of network share

Correcting permissions on shared file in network folder

Uninstall a Windows Program

Uninstalling unwanted software

Uninstalling SAS

How to uninstall SAS from Windows computer.

Updating In Place Windows to Current Version

This will update windows to the latest version of Windows.

Upgrading to Windows 10

Users can easily upgrade their University computer to Windows 10, with or without the assistance of ITS.

Upgrading to Windows 11

How to upgrade to Windows 11.

Video Requiring Silverlight

Change settings or install another browser

Windows 10 Automatic Repair Issue

How to fix the Windows 10 Automatic Repair

Windows S Mode

How to tell if windows computer is in s mode

Windows Snip & Sketch Not Working

Resolving issue where Snip & Sketch will not work