Seeing Multi-Page Documents in ImageNow (Perceptive Content)


I can't see the other pages of the document in ImageNow.


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  • Perceptive Content


The document is a TIFF document


Viewing Multi-Page Documents with the Shortcut

  1. Login to ImageNow
  2. Open a document
  3. In the bottom left toolbar, click the Toolbar Options button to the right of the Next Document
  4. In the top tabs, click Commands
  5. Under Categories on the left menu select View
  6. Scroll down 75% of the way down on the righthand menu and find Multi Page TIFF
  7. Click and drag Multi Page Tiff to the Toolbar on the bottom
  8. Click and drag First Page, Previous Page, and Next Page
    Note: These buttons will highlight if they are able to be used

Viewing Multi-Pages without creating Shortcut

  1. Login to ImageNow
  2. Open the document
  3. Click on View in the header row
  4. Click on Multi Page TIFF

Viewing Multi-Pages in Thumbnails

  1. Login to ImageNow
  2. Open the document
  3. Click View in the header row
  4. Click Thumbnails


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