Preparing Personal Computer for Board Testing


How do I prepare my computer prior to taking a National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) exam


  • Windows
  • NBME exam


  1. Update your laptop
  2. Ensure your laptop can connect to a wired network.  Some laptops may need a USB RJ-45 network adapter.
    Note: Network cables are provided for exams, Network adapters are not provided
  3. Run NBME Workstation Certification on your laptop:
    1. Go to NBME exam site
    2. Click CONTINUE to download the Secure Browser
    3. Click DOWNLOAD
    4. Follow browser instructions to save and run the installation file
      Note: Downloaded file name is PCSecureBrowser.exe
      Note: Download a new copy for each exam, Do not use previous versions of the secure browser
    5. Click TEST COMPATIBILITY under Workstation Certification
    6. Click Examinee Personal Laptop Certification
    7. Click I will be taking a web-based exam.
    8. Click Launch Sample Exam
    9. Follow prompts for exam instructions and sample exam
      Note: Press Ctrl+Shift+Q to close the browser if needed
  4. If advised, follow steps to bring your personal laptop to the Chief Proctor or Technical Support Staff

If you would like additional assistance, please contact the Service Desk



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