DegreeWorks Dashboard error - School or Degree is not valid in the UCX


When accessing a degree audit in DegreeWorks Dashboard on the web I get this error

Error:  Sorry, there was an error loading a worksheet.  The school or degree is not valid in the UCX.

Error:  There was an error loading a worksheet. No requirements were found for the given curriculum


  • SNAP
  • DegreeWorks Dashboard


The academic program does not have evaluation rules associated with it

This will most likely be a Pre-<subject> academic program (i.e., Pre-Nursing or Pre-Business) 

Pre-<subject> programs do not have rules built for them because students cannot graduate from these academic programs


If the error is NOT for a PRE-<subject> program - some examples below - contact the USD Registrar's Office for assistance

  • UBBA.PBU   USD Pre-Business (BBA)
  • UPREP.PBU USD Pre-Business (PREP)
  • UPREP.PCH USD Pre-Chiropract Med (PREP)


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