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Desktop and laptop computers, printing, peripheral hardware and mobile devices

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Multifunction Copier

Multifunction devices will allow you to print, copy, fax and scan. Device support, print features, installation, and troubleshooting


Network Printing & Pharos Printing. Printer support, print features, installation, and troubleshooting problems

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Adding More Storage to my SDDS Allocation

How to get more storage on the SDDS Sharing or Archive Tiers

Apple TV Not Displaying Connection Code

How to show the Apple TV connection code

Audio and Video Issues in Classroom

Troubleshooting Audio and Video in the classroom

Battery Backups Not Working

What to do if your battery backup is not working

Beeping Noise or Alarm Heard from Equipment Room

Reporting a beeping noise emanating from a room

Black Line Down Paper When Copying or Scanning

Marks on the glass of a document feeder can cause black lines when making a copy

Blue Screen with Error Message

Receiving a blue screen when starting Windows. Error may be related to various drivers or other system issues.

Cannot Download Printer Drivers for Student Printers

How to download and install the student network printers after disabling anti-virus

Cannot Log Into Smart Classroom Computer

Bad keys on the keyboard will cause issues logging in

Can't Access Subfolder on Network Drive

Subfolder on network drive hangs the computer

Changing Analog Fax Lines to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Requesting Toshiba Multifunction Printers/Copier FAX line conversion to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Changing Audio Output to Speakers

Configuring Audio Playback Devices

Changing External Monitor Resolution in macOS

How to change external monitor resolution in macOS

Changing Name or Address on Credit Card Receipt

How to change the name or address on a credit card receipt

Checking for Printer Firmware

Checking for and installing a firmware update on an HP laser printer

Checking Out Loaner Nursing Laptops

How to check out a laptop for the USD Nursing Program

Cisco VoIP Phone Not Operating Correctly

How to report an issue with a Cisco VoIP Phone

Classroom Projector Shutdown Process

How to correctly shutdown classroom projectors.

Computer Beeping and Not Displaying Video

Computer beeping and asking to check video cable

Computer is Beeping and Flashing Red

How to fix computer beeping and flashing red

Computer Is Locking Up

Restart the computer to resolve a lock up issue

Computer Is Signed In On Another Account

How to fix the issue where you cannot log into the computer due to someone else already being logged in and locking the computer.

Computer Keeps Restarting

How to fix computers that keep restarting

Computer Making "tick tick tick" Sound

How-to guide for resolving a failed hard drive

Computer Might Be Infected with a Virus or Malware

This article describes what to do if a virus or malware infection is suspected

Computer Needing Updates

How to update your computer.

Computer not Booting

Diagnosing a failed hard drive and repair/replacement information

Computer Not Turning On

Steps for resolving a system that won't turn on

Computer Running Slowly

Troubleshooting steps for slow computer

Computer Shows POST Error

HP workstation displays a POST error message for PCIe slot after boot

Computer Shutting Down Suddenly

How to diagnose and troubleshoot when computer shuts down intermittently

Connecting a Bluetooth Keyboard

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard

Connecting a Printer to Verfit 2

Verifit 2 is used by Communication Disorders to verify hearing aids

Connecting to a Network Drive on a Personal Computer

How to connect a network share on a personal computer

Connecting to Wireless Internet

USD's wireless connection instructions for Eduroam and SDVisitor.

Copier Can not Connect to Server

Connecting a Copier to the server

Copier not Taking Code

How to enter in the copier code

Coyote Card Event Reader Not Working

How to request help with Event Readers

Coyote Card Reader Not Working

How to report a broken card reader

Creating a Desktop Shortcut

How to create a desktop shortcut

Credit Card Machine Not Reading Card Swipes

What to do when the credit card machine will not read card swipes

Credit Card Machine Not Working

What to do when a Credit Card Machine stops working.

Determining What Queue a Printer Uses

How to determine what print queue a printer uses.

Dim monitor

Old displays can lose their brightness

Display Screen on Printer not Working

How to resolve issues with HP touchscreen printers

Disposal of Ink or Toner Cartridges

Postal Sevices recycles ink/toner cartridges (605) 658-3591 or email

Docked Laptop Not Producing Sound

Resolving audio issues on docked Lenovo laptop

Doors Not Opening With Card Access

Requesting help with door access.

Equipment Checkout Reserving Equipment, Checking out Hardware

Instructions for reserving equipment via CHEQROOM

Evaluating Computers for Surplus

Requesting ITS to evaluate which computers to surplus

Finding my Computer's Name

How do I find all the assets that are assigned to me and Computer's Name.

Fixing WDF_Violation error

Resolve Automatic Repair Issue after October 2018 updates of Windows 10.

Formatting a Drive for Use in Windows and macOS Computers

Formatting a drive for use in Windows and macOS computers

Four Winds Display TV Not Powering On

Reporting an issue with a fourwinds display not working

Fourwinds 25Live Feed not displaying events

Fourwinds digital sign is not showing 25Live events properly.

Fourwinds Display Frozen

How-to guide for resolving a Fourwinds Display that appears frozen

Fujitsu Battery Charging Control Update Tool

Information on the Fujitsu Battery Charging Control Update Tool for Fujitsu laptops that were launched between 2010 and 2017.

Grubhub Machine is not Connecting

Gathering the information needed to troubleshoot a Grubhub printer

Hall of Fame Board Not Working

What to do when the Hall of Fame board is not working

Hard Drive is Full

Reporting low disk space error

Hard Drive is No Longer Working

How to get data off of a hard drive that is no longer working

Having Sound Issues on PC

Update sound drivers to resolve sound issues

Headset Not Charging

Reporting an issue with Headset battery life

How Do I Remotely Get Volume/Sound on My Laptop

How to enable sound on a local computer when using VPN to remote into office computer.

How to Edit a Reservation Before Pickup

Steps for editing a reservation before pickup

HP Ink Shows Expired

Expired ink - purchase new

HP Loaner Laptop or Charger

Loaner computers are available while we repair your HP Elitebook 840 G5 purchased from USD.

HP Printer Error 46.FF04

Update firmware on the printer

Inkjet Printer Only Printing in Color or Not Printing Clearly

What to do if your printer will only print in color

Install Monitor Arms

Steps to install monitor mount onto existing Flexispot standing desk

Installing a USB Scanner

Steps for installing a USB scanner

Installing and Testing a Webcam

Testing a new USB webcam

Installing New Ink or Toner Cartridges

How to install new ink or toner cartridges.

iPad Not Charging

Troubleshooting with iPad device not Charging

iPad Not Turning On

What to try if your iPad has a blank screen or will not turn on

Issue Connecting to Brother Label Maker

How to install Brother label printer

Issue with Apple TV in Smart Classrooms

Issue with smart classroom Apple TV

Issues Powering on SMARTBoard

Troubleshooting a Smart Board that is not responding

Issues Using Camera on Computer

How to fix camera issues on a computer

Issues with USD Computer or Laptop Purchased Through USD

Laptop support for med school students purchased their laptop through laptop program

Keeping Your Computer Clean

How to help keep your computer clean with free antivirus software provided through the myUSD Portal

Keyboard Is Not Working

Information needed for assistance with keyboard problems

Lab Computers Cannot Login

How to allow Lab computers to login

Laptop Cart is Not Charging Laptops

How to charge laptops through the mobile cart

Laptop displaying black screen

Manually restart the computer

Laptop Dock Will Not Power On

Troubleshooting laptop dock that will not power on

Laptop is Not Charging or Powering On

Troubleshooting steps for a laptop that will not charge or power on

Laptop Pen not Working

Update drivers for pen

Laptop Screen Will Not Change Brightness

How to Repair the Brightness Control hotkeys on an HP Elitebook 840 G5

Lawrence console gives strange "no irq handler" message

What to do about a "no irq handler" message on the Lawrence terminal

Lenovo Laptop Not Charging or Connecting Through Dock

How to properly connect your laptop to the Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Connecting to Computer

Connecting wireless keyboard to computer

Loud Running Fan

I hear a loud fan on my computer, what should I do?

Mac running slow

Remove unwanted programs and update macOS to improve performance

Mapping a Network Drive on macOS

How to map a network share on macOS

Mapping To Network Share in Windows

Mapping a network drive in Windows 10

Mic On Computer Isn't Working

Steps for checking function of the internal microphone on a laptop

Microsoft Surface Book Screen is Black and Not Responding

Try holding the power button and volume up button for 15 seconds

Monitor Not Turning On

Computer monitor is not turning on or displays nothing.

Monitor Turns Different Colors and then Goes Black

How to fix a monitor that goes black

Monitors Not Working Properly

Monitors not working properly when laptop is docked

Mouse No Longer Working

What to do if your mouse stops functioning properly

Need More Time in Lawrence

How to request time extended for calculations to run correctly.

Needing Assistance with Scanner Consumables Kit

Reporting an error that the pick roller needs to be replaced in an ImageNow Scanner

Needing Assistance with Student Auscultation Machine (SAM)

Steps to take if there are issues with Student Auscultation Machine used in Nursing and Med School

Network Drive Disappeared

Steps to regain access to X Drive or any network drive letter

Nursing Computer Requirements

Nursing computer hardware requirements

Obtaining University Owned Cell Phones

How to obtain a USD owned cell phone

Office Computer is Making a Loud Sound

Office computer is making a loud sound

Pharos Printer not Printing

Pharos printer is displaying errors or is not repairable and needs to be replaced

Phone No Longer Receiving Calls from Main Line

Calls to main department lines are often set up to go to a group of users called a hunt group. If a user is logged out of the hunt group, they will no longer receive the calls.

Printer Error 49.FF05

How to fix error 49.FF05 on printers

Printer is Requiring a Specific Paper Type

Change printing preferences to modify the paper required

Problem Connecting to The Shared Drive in Windows

Reconnecting to shared drive in Windows

Problems Logging into a USD-Owned Laptop

Logging into the USD Domain using an Ethernet Cable

Problems Reading External Hard Drive on macOS

Troubleshooting access to an external hard drive through Mac Systems

Problems Signing onto Checkout Laptop

Power cycle the computer and sign on

Problems using keyboard and trackpad on laptop

The keyboard and trackpad are not responding on a laptop.

Purchasing Toner Cartridges

Contact Office Stores to purchase toner cartridges

Pyxis Medstation Not Connecting to Control Device

The Pyxis control computer is located inside the cart in the debrief room. The control computer tower needs to be powered on, as well as the Pyxis Medstation located in the hallway.

Questions Regarding Chromebooks

Chromebooks can be used for USD courses but some courses may require software that is not available on the Chromebook

Receiving a Non-System Disk Error Message

How to fix a non-system disk or disk error

Receiving Domain Unavailable Message

Logging a computer back into the domain

Receiving Fan Detection Error on Startup

Troubleshooting a Fan Detection Error after computer randomly restarts

Receiving Fuser Error on Printer

How to fix the "Fuser Error" message on printers

Receiving No Dial Tone

Troubleshooting phone with no dial tone

Receiving Pharos Error when Printing in Lab- Invalid User Name or Password

How to report the Invalid Username or Password error when printing in a lab

Recommendation for Bringing a Computer to USD

Information on computer requirements for students

Recovering a Deleted or Damaged File

Use Previous Versions to recover deleted information from network shared drives

Register Equipment is Not Functioning Properly

Reporting an issue with a register

Register is Not Connecting

Point-of-Sale device having connectivity issue

Re-image iPad for New User

Requesting an iPad be reimaged

Replacing a Toshiba Copier Toner Cartridge

Instructions for toner replacement.

Reporting a Broken HP Computer

How to order replacement HP parts

Reporting a Broken iPad

How to report a broken iPad

Reporting a Broken Laptop Screen

How to report a broken screen to be repaired

Reporting Accidental Spill on a Laptop

Contact the service desk with the asset tag and location of the device.

Reporting an Issue with Card Swipe Door Access

Reporting an issue with secure door access

Reporting E-Bridge Error on Copier

Error displayed on Toshiba copier

Reporting Issue with Classroom Projector Image Quality

How to report an issue with a projector in a classroom

Reporting Slow Operation on Lawrence Login Node

Reporting issues with slow operation on Lawrence HPC

Request for Basic Biomedical Science (BBS) Redistribution Equipment

Process for replacing Lee Med research lab computers with BBS redistribution systems

Request for Replacement Computers in an Existing Computer Lab

Requesting an estimate to replace computers in a computer lab.

Request for Scan to Email Setup on Toshiba Printers

How to request adding new faculty to Scan to Email list on printer

Requesting a Computer Setup or Reload

How to request equipment setup.

Requesting a Laptop for Long Term Use

How to request a laptop for an extended period of time

Requesting a New Network Drive Folder

How to request a new folder in a network drive

Requesting a USD Laptop be Repaired

Repairing a USD owned laptop

Requesting Access to High Performance Computers

How to request access to use the high performance computers

Requesting access to old equipment

Information on requesting access to old hardware

Requesting Administrative Access on a University Owned Computer

How to grant administrative access to a user

Requesting Assistance with Connecting to External Drives

Connecting External hard drives to new computer

Requesting assistance with High Performace Computers (HPC)

Requesting assistance with High performance computer tasks

Requesting Assistance With Li-Cor Machine

How to troubleshoot Li-Cor machine in Lee Med Building

Requesting Assistance With Volleymetrics Camera

Requesting Assistance With Volleymetrics Camera

Requesting Card Reader

How to request a student card reader

Requesting Classroom Technology Changes

Information on requesting changes to computer labs or classrooms

Requesting Computers to be Set Up as Kiosks and Does not Lock

How to request a computer be setup as a kiosk that does not lock out after 15 minutes.

Requesting Data Recovery Assistance

How to request assistance with recovering data

Requesting Extra Computer Equipment

Requesting extra computer equipment

Requesting Hardware Inventory List

Request an inventory list for a department

Requesting Information on an Asset or Assets

How to check information on an Asset in TeamDynamix

Requesting Loaner Computer Equipment in Lee Med Building

How to borrow IT hardware in the Lee Med Building

Requesting Loaner Laptop at Sanford School of Medicine

How to request a loaner laptop for use at the Sanford School of Medicine campus

Requesting New Toshiba Copier Setup

Contact the service desk and provide the location of a new Toshiba Copier to have it setup for use.

Requesting Parts to be Replaced under Warranty

How to request parts to be replaced while they are under warranty

Requesting specification sheets on current computers

Please contact the Service Desk if you need information on the current computers that can be purchased.

Requesting Temporary Computer Setup

Requesting a temporary computer setup

Requesting to Extend Use of Checkout Equipment

How to request an extension on equipment you have checked out.

Requesting to Have Equipment Moved

Process for moving equipment

Requesting to Make User Local Administrator on Computer

Requesting admin privileged to install software on your USD workstation

Requesting to Unlock an iPad

How to unlock a locked iPad

Resetting Cisco Phone

Resetting and factory resetting a cisco voip phone

Resetting USB Ports

How to reset USB drivers in Device Manager when a USB mouse, keyboard, or other peripheral is not connecting

Returning Equipment

How to I return equipment I checked out

Second Monitor Displaying No Image

Troubleshooting steps when 2nd monitor is not displaying anything.

Secondary screen saying no signal (Surface)

Surface Diagnostic Toolkit can fix multiple problems with a Microsoft Surface

Setting Up Adjustable Standing Desk

How to set up an adjustable standing desk

Setting Up Battery Backup

Setting up a new UPS device

Setting up Monitors

How to set up monitors

Setting up multiple displays

Steps to arrange monitors in Windows

Setting up USB-C Docking Station

Setting up a USB-C dock to use with a laptop

Smart AC Adapter Having Issues

Replace the AC adapter when receiving a warning that it is bad

SmartBoard Projector strobe light effect

Troubleshooting information for Smartboard malfunctioning

SMARTBoard Touch Function is not Working

How to repair the touch functionality on a SmartBoard

Sound in Classroom Not Working

How to fix sound issues in classrooms

Speakers are Producing Static Sound

How to reduce static noise in speakers

Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP)

How to apply for a Strengthening Institutions Program laptop

Student Personal Computer Hardware Repair

Certain models of laptops can be serviced by the USD Service Desk

Surface Not Functioning

Process for working with a non-functioning Surface

Surface Pen not working

How to pair Surface Pen to Microsoft Surface computer

Surface Screen Not Functioning Properly

Screen blurry on external display can be a known issue on Surface Pro computers

Surplus Hardware

Removing antiquated hardware information

Taking a USD Laptop Out of the Country

What to do when taking a USD laptop out of the country

Telework Policy

How to view the Telework Policy

Testing a Web Cam in Respondus Lockdown Browser

Testing web cams in Respondus Lockdown Browser for D2L quizzes or exams.

Toshiba MFC Displaying Error

Power cycle copier to clear an error

Touchpad on a Laptop Not Working

How to fix a touchpad not working on laptops

Transferring Data Files

How to transfer files

Troubleshooting a USB Scanner

How to troubleshoot scanner issues.

Troubleshooting Sound with Lenovo Laptops

Troubleshooting hotkeys with Lenovo laptops.

TurningPoint Clicker Results not Showing Up

How to troubleshoot a TurningPoint clicker that is not registering a response during a TurningPoint session.

TV Display Will Not Power On

This article discusses what to do in the event a TV display will not power on.

Unable to Connect to Shared Drive on Laptop

How to request assistance with connecting a shared drive on a computer

Unable to Make Calls to a Specific Number

Unable to make calls to a specific number and hearing an error message

Unable to Print with Pharos While on Wireless

Use the eduroam wireless network for Pharos printing on the wireless network

Unable to Reserve Equipment

How to reserve equipment

Unable to Reserve Equipment Due to Hold on Account

Reservations returned 24 hours past scheduled return time will result in a hold on the Equipment Checkout customer's account

Unauthorized Printing to Network Printer

Restricting access to network printer

Upgrading or Replacing Hardware in a University Owned Computer

Requesting installation, upgrade, or replacement of computer hardware

USB Device not Recognized

Changing USB selective suspend setting to Disabled

USB Device Not Working Plugged Into Monitor

Plug device into the computer

USB Devices Not Working When Connected to Docking Station

Power-cycling the dock to re-gain USB connectivity

USD-Owned Cell Phone Not Working

What to do if your USD-owned cell phone is not working

Using Remote Desktop on Personal Computer

Use to connect to a virtual USD computer, and then remote desktop to your work computer from the virtual computer.

When Does the Warranty End on a Computer?

How to check the warranty status of HP, Lenovo, and Apple equipment

Windows Defender Updates Missing

Windows Defender protects your computer against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software

Wireless Headset Not Working Properly

During a call, a headset used for voip loses its connection and the call remains active

Wireless Mouse Moving Erratically

How to fix a wireless mouse that is working erratically, skipping and freezing

Wireless printing

How do I connect my personal printer to wireless?

Zebra Label Printer is Not Printing

How to fix Zebra label printers to print labels