Multifunction devices will allow you to print, copy, fax and scan. Device support, print features, installation, and troubleshooting

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Add Employee to Department Cost Center and/or Pharos Copier

How to request to add employees into Department Cost Center and/or Pharos Copier. How to get coyote card switched for printing so not a student but staff?

Adding or Removing an Email Address from Copier Address Book (Toshiba)

How to add or remove email addresses to a Toshiba copier address book

Cannot Send Faxes

How to fix sending faxes

Changing Copier Codes

Request that codes to updated from the Service Desk

Connecting to Toshiba Copier Admin Page

Connecting to Toshiba copiers through a web browser

Copier is Jamming and has an Error

How to contact the vendor to service the copier.

Copier Moved and Identification Codes Added

Contact for moving an MFC and Laurie Johnson for copier codes

Copier Not Working Properly on Vermillion Campus

When there are issues with Toshiba Multi-Function Copiers in Vermillion a call needs to be put into A&B

Copying on Multifunction Copier

How to create copies using a multifunction printer.

Faxing on Multi Function Copier

Phone line needs to be connected for fax to work

Faxing on Multifunction Copier

How to fax using a multifunction copier.

Finisher is Not Working on Multifunction Copiers

Plug the finisher into the copier

Installing Multi-Function Copier in Windows OS

How to install the Toshiba Multi-Function copiers.

Issue With a Toshiba Copier at USD Sioux Falls

Getting assistance with a Toshiba copier

Monthly Copier Usage Report Request

How to request a copier report

Multifunction Copier Locations

Multifunction copiers are located throughout campus at these locations.

Not receiving emails from copier

Steps for troubleshooting email delivery problems with Toshiba copiers

Not Receiving Pop-up for Departmental Code

Resolving Copier Department Code Issues

Obtaining IP Address for Multi-function Copier/Printer

Need a reserved ip address for a Multi-function Copier/Printer

Pharos Copier Saying Insufficient Funds

A cost center is required for faculty using a Pharos copier

Printer or Scanner Paper Jam

Printer has a paper jam

Requesting Copier Paper

How to request more copy paper

Scan to Email not Working

How to report problems with the scan to email function of multi-function copiers

Scan to Folder

Scan to Folder is one of the Features on the Copiers

Scanner Not Scanning Clean

How to clean a Canon DR 6030C scanner

Scanning from Copier to Email using Coyote Card

How to scan to email on a Multi-Function Copier that requires a coyote card

Scanning on Multifunction Copier

How to scan using a multifunction printer.

UPrint not Displaying Print Options

The driver needs to be updated to enable staple, duplex, or other advanced settings on the UPrint printer

Verifying Faxing Works

How to make sure faxing works