Keeping Your Computer Clean


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Note: Windows computers come with Defender, otherwise you will want to purchase Anti-Virus software that best fits your needs

If a program looks to good to be true, it probably is

  • The number one source of spyware infections is free software programs you download from the Internet
  • Pay careful attention to what you are downloading
  • Know what other programs it may bring into your PC along with the original file

Practice Safe Surfing

  • Avoid websites that offer unscrupulous content such as pirated software or adult material
  • These sites are notorious for spreading spyware

Secure your browser

  • Set your browser's security settings high enough (Medium on Internet Explorer) to protect yourself from "drive-by-downloads"or Automatic installation of unwanted programs

Delete Spam

  • Email is a common delivery vehicle for spyware
  • Delete messages from unknown senders
  • Use caution with any email containing an attachment, even if it's from someone you know

Beware of peer-to-peer file sharing services (P2P)

  • P2P networks such as Kazaa, Limewire, Morpheus etc. often install spyware and/or viruses onto your PC when you sign up for their services
  • Another reason to be cautious of P2P is that the files you may be swapping and sharing (photos, music, videos or games) often contain spyware and/or viruses

Install Windows Updates

  • Windows updates will ensure that your computer is up-to-date with new features and the latest security.

Run anti-spyware software

You may purchase your own software or use one of these well-known software with a free trial


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