Surplus Hardware


How do I surplus hardware? 

What does ITS (Information Technology Services) pick up for surplus

Can I purchase my old surplussed hardware


  • Campus
  • Computer Equipment


There are a number of reasons why hardware might be deemed antiquated 


Note: State law prohibits the individual purchase of University owned hardware. The applicable state law is
5-24A-15.   Donations prohibited--Exception. Except as provided in ยง 5-24A-8, donations of state property to any private individual, for-profit organization, or state employee is prohibited. The sale of state property to any state employee is prohibited unless items are sold at public auctions.

  1. Capital Assets over $5000
  2. IT hardware Contact the Service Desk  provide: 
    • Asset number
    • Description  ex: Desktop, Laptop, large printer
    • Location of hardware
    • Available times the hardware can be picked up
  3. ITS will:
  • Pick up item and delete contents of hard drive if applicable
  • Determine if item is to be redistributed or deemed surplus
  • Dispose of item if deemed surplus
  • Redistribute if asset meets hardware requirements
  • Make appropriate changes in database to reflect disposition of item

Note: ITS  will pick up the following for surplus:

  1. Desktop computers
  2. Laptop computers
  3. iPads
  4. Tablets
  5. Keyboards
  6. Mice
  7. VoiP Phones
  8. Printers
  9. Monitors

Note: ITS does not pick up the following:

  1. Fax Machines
  2. Non-VoiP phones
  3. Keyboard Trays
  4. Typewriters
  5. Furniture
  6. VCR
  7. DVD Players


  1. See Surplus process
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