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Accessing USD Email

How to access USD email.

Adding Zoom Scheduling Plug-In to Outlook

Link to the Zoom documentation for installing the Outlook plugin

Convert Account From to

Convert email address for to

Disabling Conversation Mode in Outlook

Turn off Conversation mode in Outlook

Email Attachment Stripped Due to USD's Policy

How to get email attachments that were blocked by USD

Email Delivering to Junk

A guide to avoiding legitimate University email landing in the Junk folder

Email on iPad is not updating

Removing email account and setting it up again on iPad

Email Setup on Smart Phone or Tablet

How to set up a USD email on a smart phone

Email Showing Incorrect Time Zone

How to update the time zone selection for an office 365 email account

Email Spoofing and Authentication

Explains what spoofing is and the technology USD has employed to deter it

Error Accessing

Users unable to view mailbox via Resolving no mailbox and no license error.

Granting Permission to View Email Folders

Granting Permission to View Email Folders

Manually forwarded emails from USD email account not delivered to Sanford Health account

If a manually forwarded email from USD to Sanford Health is not delivered then the problem needs to be identified if it is a USD or Sanford Health issue and the appropriate IT department notified.

Not Receiving Emails Sent to Alternate Email Address

Issue receiving emails to alternate email address

Opening Encrypted Attachment From Email

Process for working with encrypted email

Opt-In for Alumni email

How to Opt-In for Alumni email account after graduating or leaving USD

Outlook Attachment Issues

Turning off Show as Conversations view

Problems accessing email

IMAP and POP3 are no longer supported

Quarantine Folder Appearing in Outlook

The Quarantine folder contains email that is deemed malicious and those emails can be deleted

Receiving a Warning in an Email

How to handle email messages that have a warning stating the sender is suspicious

Receiving Email Error Do Not Have a Mailbox

How to report error do not have a mailbox.

Receiving Email Titled Sorry Coyote, You Failed a Phishing Test

USD does phishing tests and requires training if an individual fails the test

Receiving Warning at Top of Emails from New Addresses

First Contact Safety Tip has been enabled on USD email system

Removing an Email Account from a Mobile Phone

How to remove an email from your mobile phone

Reporting Hop Count Exceeded When Sending an Email

How to fix the Hop Count Exceeded error message

Reporting Suspicious or Malicious Email

Information on how to report a suspicious email, How to Use the Phish Alert Button.

Request to Whitelist an Email Address

Request to whitelist a Web Address or Email

Requesting a Copy of an Employee Mailbox

How to request access to email messages in the Inbox of a former employee

Requesting Access to or Backup of Employee email

Requesting access to an employee mailbox

Requesting an Email Domain to Whitelist

How to request an email domain to bypass SPAM filtering

Requesting an Office 365 Email Group

Requesting the creation of an email distribution group

Requesting Link in Email be Classified as Safe

Requesting classification of a link from a campus partner as safe is not necessary

Requesting to Add or Remove Access to Shared Mailbox

How to request access to a shared or departmental email mailbox.

Sanford School of Medicine Email Forward Request

How to request an email forward setup or changed for a Sanford School of Medicine Affiliates or Faculty.

Setting Up and Removing Mail Forwarding

How to set up and remove mail forwarding

Setting up Departmental Email Account

How to set up departmental accounts. Departmental accounts should no longer be configured with username/password

Sharing Outlook Calendar Outside the Organization

How to share your Outlook Calendar outside the organization

Unable to Access Email

How to access email

Unable to Access Email After Configuring Duo Mobile

How to resolve issue with email no longer syncing to mobile devices after setting up Duo Mobile

Unable to Access Email on Mac After Configuring Duo

How to resolve issue with email Mac devices after setting up Duo MFA?

Unable to Log into Email

How to resolve issues logging into email.

Unable to Log into USD Email Account after Password Change

When passwords or permissions are changed Group Policy may need to be manually updated

Unable to Open Attachment While Connected to Sanford Network

How to open attachments from within USD email

Unable to Send Email From Department Account

Troubleshooting problems sending email from a shared account

Unable to Send Mass Email

How to send emails to a large number of recipients.

Verifying an Employee is on the USD Staff List

How to verify if an employee is part of the USD Staff list

Viewing a Shared Email Folder in Outlook

Process for adding shared email folders in Oultook

Voicemail Not Going Into Email

Voicemail is not being sent to email

When students begin to receive the email

Determine at which point a student begins to receive the all-student emails