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Zoom Meetings, Web Conferencing. Video Conferencing, within D2L and is also available for use as a standalone conferencing solution

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A service is not sending emails

Verify an on premise service can send emails

Add Alternative-Host or Co-Host on my Zoom

Co-hosts Alternative-Host must also be licensed users of Zoom

Add a Contact in Jabber

Add contacts in Jabber.

Add WebEx Plug-in to Outlook

Steps for adding the WebEx Outlook Plug-in to schedule and start WebEx Meetings

Adding a New Subscriber to a Listserv You Own

How to add a new subscriber to a Listserv you own

Adding Rules to a Shared Mailbox

How-to guide for modifying rules on shared mailboxes

Bulk Adding or Removing List of Users on Listserv

Bulk updates to subscribers in a listserv

Camera Issues with Zoom Meeting

How to fix the Zoom camera issue

Cancelling Writing Center Appointment

cancelling appointment with USD Writing Center

Classify and Protect Office Documents

How do I restrict or encrypt a document to protect it

Connecting a Classroom or Conference Room Web Conference using SIP

How to dial web conference SIP address from a video conference equipped room for Zoom, WebEx, or other web conference.

Create New Channel in Microsoft Teams

How to create a new channel in an existing Microsoft Teams site.

Creating an Outlook Distribution Group

Creating Class group in Outlook.

Email Address Not in SSOM Database

Guide on resolving SSOM Email issues

Emails Are Being Delayed

How to make emails not delayed

Emails are Missing

Finding hidden or missing emails

Enabling Polling Participants in Zoom

How to Enable Polling in personal Zoom account.

Error Attaching Files in Outlook

Troubleshooting Operation failed error when attempting to attach files in Outlook

Error Message Logging into Outlook

Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook Errors.

Issues with VoIP Voicemails and Email

Removing an old voicemail forward to an email

Joining a Webex Meeting

How to join a Webex meeting

Listing the Subscribers of a Listserv

How to list all subscribers of a Listserv

Listserv Emails Are Not Being Sent

Fixing Listserv email issues

Listserv Emails Not Being Received

Contact the service desk with all the information necessary to help us troubleshoot the problem

Listserv Send Policy

Determine the send policy

Listserv Sending Problems

What to expect when a listserv message does not seem to be delivered

Managing Owners to a Listserv

How to add or remove Owners to a Listserv

Outlook Changing the Preview Pane Randomly

How to make the email preview pane in Outlook stay the same

Phish Alert Button Missing for Shared Mailbox

How-to guide for using the phish alert button from a shared mailbox

Phish Alert Button Missing in Outlook Office 365

Phish Alert Button is grayed out in the Outlook ribbon when Reading Pane is turned Off.

Problems accessing departmental email account

Problems accessing departmental email account

Purging Deleted Items in Outlook

How-to guide for purging deleted messages in Outlook

Receiving RSS feed errors in Outlook

How to fix RSS Feed reported errors in Outlook

Removing Listserv User or Subscriber(s)

Instructions for bulk deleting subscribers or deleting a single subscriber from a listserv

Request a New LISTSERV

LISTSERV allows you to set up and manage your own opt-in email list. With LISTSERV you can target your opt-in specific audience in managing newsletters, announcements, updates, discussion groups and other communications to members of your email community.

Request to Verify Listserv Access

How to verify user access on a listserv

Requesting a ListServ be Deleted

How to request that a Listserv be deleted

Requesting an Out of Office Message for Someone Else

How to request an Out of Office message to be set for someone else.

Requesting Email Re-Activation

Requesting email account re-activation.

Requesting Email Server to be Unblocked

Requesting that an email server no longer be blocked by USD

Requesting LISTSERV Information

Answering LISTSERV questions

Scheduling a Webex Meeting

How to Schedule a Webex Meeting

Sending Calendar Appointment to a listserv

Sending a calendar event to a listserv is possible and it is the same as sending a normal invite

Setting a New Listserv Password

How to get a new Listserv password

Setting Out of Office for Shared Email Account

How to set an automatic reply on a Shared Mailbox

Setting Up Email Account on macOS

Steps to add your USD account to Outlook

Sharing files for accreditation activities

What services should I use for file sharing and collaboration during accreditation of my program.

Subscribing to LISTSERV List

How to Subscribe to LISTSERV List

Unable to Send Email to Specific Recipient

Email address may be typed incorrectly or email address is no longer in use

Unsubscribe from E-mails

Requesting removal from listserv

Update the Offline Global Address List (GAL) in Outlook

Instructions for updating the local GAL with what is in Office 365

Using Webex Events to host a Webinar

How to use Webex Events when you need to host a webinar

Using Webex Training

Webex Training is very similar to Webex Meetings, but contains the ability to use breakout sessions.

Verification of Email Delivery or Email Not Received

What to do when you request delivery receipts but do not receive them

Zoom Recording Did Not Process and is Unavailable

Sometimes after a recording the processing of the recording can get stuck. If you provide the appropriate information ITS can contact Zoom with information to see if it can be pushed through the process.

Zoom Replaced Blackboard Collaborate

Zoom replaced Blackboard Collaborate in 2019