Listing the Subscribers of a Listserv

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Listing the subscribers of a Listserv


  • Listserv 17.0


  1. Go to the Listserv web interface
  2. Click Log In
  3. Type your email address and Listserv password
    1. Email address must be in First.Last format, and use your primary email address
      Note: for faculty and staff, for students
    2. Your Listserv password is not tied to the password you use for email, the portal, etc.
    3. If you don't remember your Listserv password or don't yet have one, see Setting a New Listerv Password
  4. Click Log In 
  5. Click Subscribers Reports in the left hand column
  6. Select your list from the Select List: pulldown
  7. You will now see the users added directly to the list in the browser
    Note: if this a query based list click LISTSERV Command in the left column and enter REVIEW ListName-LIST RCPT in the Command: field, this will send you an email of all query recipients


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