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Adding or Deleting a Shared Calendar in Outlook

How to add a shared calendar in outlook

Adding SDSU Rapid City Rooms Calendars to Outlook

Addition of SDSU room calendars to USD user's Outlook

Connecting to a Public Calendar in Outlook

This article describes how to connect to public calendars in Outlook (Windows).

Creating an Excel Document from rss feed

Creating an Excel Document from rss feed

Granting Calendar Permissions

How-to guide for granting access to your colleague for your calendar from your Mac

Receiving Multiple Messages in Email of Accepted Calendar Invite

Getting duplicate Calendar invites when accepting one

Requesting a New Shared Calendar

How to request a new shared calendar

Requesting Access to a Department Calendar

How to request access to a department calendar

Setting Calendar Permissions in Outlook

How to grant or remove others permissions to your Outlook calendar.

Setting Default Calendar on iPhone

You can change your default calendar on your iOS device

Shared Outlook Calendar Not Syncing Appointments

Refreshing Outlook should resync the emails and calendars that are not showing up properly. This would be the first step I would try in troubleshooting the issue.

Sharing Outlook Calendar

Steps to share your Outlook calendar with another user.

Syncing Outlook Calendars on Smart Phones

How to Sync Outlook Calendars on Smart Phones

USD Public Events Calendar Not Working

Instructions on how to stop and restart the calendar process on