Scheduling a Webex Meeting


How can I schedule a Webex meeting?


  • Webex


  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign (upper right corner)
  3. Click  Schedule 
  4. Enter a topic for your meeting in the Meeting topic: field
  5. Enter a password for the meeting in the Password:  field
  6. Choose the date and time the meeting will occur from their respective drop-down menus
  7. ​​​​Enter the email addresses of the attendees you would like to invite in Attendees field
    Note: Click Show Advances Options to set Audio Connections Options, Agenda or Scheduling Options
  8. Click Schedule Meeting button

Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Click Home ribbon in Microsoft Outlook
  2. Click Schedule Meeting 
  3. In the drop-down list, choose from the following:
    • Schedule Webex Meeting–Webex meetings are the standard meeting choice
    • Schedule Personal Room Meeting–Personal Rooms are your own virtual conference room. It’s always available and you don’t have to book it
    • Schedule Personal Conference Meeting–Personal Conference meetings are for meetings using telephony service provider (TSP) audio.ease
  4. Select To and choose who you want to invite to your meeting
  5. Add Meeting title and Location
  6. Choose the Start time and End time for your meeting
  7. Enter any other necessary information in the email invitation and click Send


Please contact the Service Desk if you need further assistance



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Join before host is enabled by default, allowing attendees to join, in a waiting room, up to 15 minutes before the meeting begins.

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Webex license is included with your Cisco VoIP phone.