Zoom Meetings, Web Conferencing. Video Conferencing, within D2L and is also available for use as a standalone conferencing solution

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Accessing Zoom

Zoom account can be accessed through a web browser at https://usd.zoom.us/ or within D2L.

Adding Cohosts to Zoom Meeting

Adding cohosts to Zoom meetings

Adding Slido App to Zoom

Add the Slido App in the Zoom App Marketplace

Attending Drop-In Online Sessions in Zoom

How to attend Online Writing Center Drop-In Online Sessions in Zoom

Changing Screen Sharing Settings in Zoom Meetings

Change the screen sharing setting to All Participants

Checking Zoom Client Version

Select About Zoom in the Zoom Client

Classroom Will Not Connect to Zoom Through Touch Panel

What to do when a classroom video conference system will not connect to a zoom meeting.

Creating a Weekly Meeting in Zoom

How do I create a weekly meeting in Zoom?

Deleting Zoom Recordings

How to Delete my Zoom Recordings that are on the Cloud

Enabling Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Enable the Breakout Room setting in Zoom account settings

Enabling Live Automatic Transcripts in Zoom and Starting Them

Enabling Live Automatic Transcriptions in Zoom

Enabling Meeting Registration in Zoom

Check required next to registration in the meeting options.

Enabling Zoom Waiting Room or Passcode

Steps to enable passcode or waiting room for Zoom Meetings

Host unable to start zoom meeting

Browse to usd.zoom.us and login

Joining a Zoom Meeting

How to join a Zoom Meeting

Linking Department Email to Zoom

Shared email accounts do not work with Zoom.

Meeting Audio in Zoom

What are the options for audio in Zoom?

Microphone not working in Zoom

Adjust audio settings

Missing ZOOM chat session recording in D2L

Missing ZOOM chat session recording

Picture and Profile name incorrect in Zoom

How to update your name and picture in Zoom

Purchasing a Zoom Webinar License

Zoom Webinar is an extra add-on

Receiving Error Accessing Zoom from D2L

Error message indicates instructor email is not set.

Requesting App from Zoom App Marketplace

Requesting an App from the Zoom App Marketplace

Requesting to Merge or Transfer Zoom Account

User has two Zoom accounts to merge or would like to transfer account data to another user

Requesting Zoom Appointment with Writing Center about your Writing

How to request a live chat session with the Writing Center.

Retrieving a Zoom Recording

How do I retrieve a Zoom recording?

Scheduling and Hosting a Zoom Meeting

Scheduling and Hosting a Zoom Meeting

Securing Zoom Meetings

Change Zoom settings to ensure maximum security in your Zoom meetings.

Setting up Scheduling Privilege in Zoom

Steps to set up a user to schedule meetings on your behalf.

Sharing Computer Audio to Zoom Participants

Optimal settings for Zoom to play video/music to participants

Trimming a Zoom Recording

How to trim zoom cloud recordings and copy shareable link to the trimmed recording

Trimming or Merging MP4 Video Files in Windows 10

How to edit a zoom recording saved to computer in MP4 format

Updating Zoom Client

Install instructions for Zoom client.

Using Zoom Cloud Recordings

How to use the Zoom cloud recording option


What is Zoom

Zoom Account Types Basic and Licensed

Requesting a Licensed Zoom account

Zoom Alternate Host Not Able to Access the Meeting

Zoom alternate hosts need to access the meetings through the USD Zoom meeting website usd.zoom.us

Zoom for Presenters and Streaming to Viewers through Panopto

How to host a Zoom sudo-webinar without having a webinar license.

Zoom is Frozen

Zoom session is freezing

Zoom Recording Stuck at Transcribing

Zoom recording taking longer than expected for transcribing

Zoom Video and Audio is Not Synced

Options for resolving sync issues with Zoom