Deleting Zoom Recordings


How do I delete all of my Zoom Recordings

I have several Zoom Recordings that I would like to Delete


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My Recordings on Zoom need to be deleted


  1. Go to USD-Zoom web portal
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Under Profile along the left click Recordings
  4. Deleting cloud recordings by meeting ID
    1. Next to the search box, select Search by ID
    2. Enter the meeting ID in the search box
    3. Click Search
    4. Click More then Delete in the last column
    5. Click Yes to confirm and move recordings to the trash
  5. Deleting all cloud recordings in a search results
    1. Enter the desired date range and search criteria
    2. Click Search
    3. Click located in the header row of the table
    4. Click Delete Selected
    5. Click Yes to confirm and move recordings to the trash
  6. Deleting all cloud recordings
    1. Adjust the date range and status, then click Search
      1. From: Leave blank
      2. To: Select today's date
      3. Status drop-down menu: Select All Status
    2. Click Delete Selected
    3. Click Yes to confirm and move recordings to the trash
  7. To Delete or Recover files from the trash
    1. Click the Trash
    2. Select the files
    3. Click Delete or Recover

Note: Files in the trash don't count towards your cloud-recording storage limit and will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

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