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Connecting to web conferences (e.g. Zoom, WebEx) in Lee Med classrooms equipped with web conferencing capability
Zoom recording taking longer than expected for transcribing
Enabling Live Automatic Transcriptions in Zoom
How to Delete my Zoom Recordings that are on the Cloud
Zoom Webinar is an extra add-on
Zoom account can be accessed through a web browser at or within D2L.
Adjust audio settings
How to fix the Zoom camera issue
Web conferencing camera feed is not working when trying to use a web conferencing platform like Zoom or WebEx in one of the Sanford Coyotes Sports Center PT/OT classrooms.
Website to check potential outages at Zoom site
Install instructions for Zoom client.
How to join a Zoom Meeting
Contact the Service Desk with the building and room number if a classroom microphone is not sending audio to the computer.
Sometimes after a recording the processing of the recording can get stuck. If you provide the appropriate information ITS can contact Zoom with information to see if it can be pushed through the process.
How to Enable Polling in personal Zoom account.