Accessing Zoom


How to start using Zoom through USD

I was wondering if there is a cheat sheet or training doc on this new Zoom tool

Do you have a document on how to use Zoom for conference calls?

Is Zoom Webinar included in our license

Needs the USD zoom access but his name can't be seen on the list

 Is there a way to set up a Zoom account through the University so we don't have to pay for it individually?


  • Zoom
  • Web Conferencing


Note: Zoom Webinar is not included in the USD license

Note: Zoom invitation emails embed the password in the link. If you click on the link, it should not ask you to type in a password

Using Zoom outside of D2L

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign in
    1. Choose Work or School account if prompted
      Note: This will create your Zoom account
  3. Use your USD login credentials when prompted to log in
  4. Go to Meetings tab and schedule meeting
    Note: Self-paced training is available Using Zoom outside of D2L 
    Note: Additional information is available through the Zoom Help Center

Using Zoom in D2L

  1. Open your course
  2. In the Navigation Bar Click Communication 
  3. Click Zoom
    Note: Self-paced training is available Using Zoom in D2L 

Using Zoom on Desktop Application

  1. Download Zoom application
    1. Click Download Client at bottom of page
  2. Install from downloaded file
  3. Open Zoom application
  4. Sign in
    1. Click SSO
    2. Enter USD as Company Domain
    3. Click Continue
    4. Sign in inside web browser window that it opens

Using Zoom on Mobile Device

  1. If you are experiencing issues, update the Zoom client through your app store

Note: When using a Student Basic account, if the meeting exceeds 2 attendees, up to 100 attendees there is a 40 minute time limit. If using a faculty or Licensed account the maximum number of meeting attendees is 300 with no time limit.

Zoom Outlook Plugin Information

Please visit Zoom's support site to get information on how to set up the Zoom Outlook Plugin

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