Setting up Web Conferencing in Conference Rooms or Classrooms


How do I set up web conferencing in the various conference rooms and classrooms on campus?


  • Classroom or Conference Room with Projector or Display
  • Web Conferencing
  • USD Main Campus (Vermillion)


Holding a web conference in a meeting room that does not have built-in web conferencing equipment


  1. Check out a USB web conference camera from our Equipment Checkout Service.
    Note: If video is not needed you can check out a USB microphone instead.  You can also use a conference phone for audio if your WebConferencing service supports it.
  2. Connect your laptop to the projector or TV with HDMI or VGA Cables
    Note: If you are using VGA you will also need to plug in the 1/8" audio cable into the headphone jack for sound.
  3. Connect the web conference camera or microphone to the computer via USB
  4. Launch your web conferencing software and select the web conference camera as the video device and audio input device
  5. Select the correct audio output device:
    • Crestron if using HDMI
    • Headphones if using VGA and 1/8" audio
  6. Test call with someone to verify they can see and hear you and you can see and hear them


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