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Connecting to web conferences (e.g. Zoom, WebEx) in Lee Med classrooms equipped with web conferencing capability
Web conferencing camera feed is not working when trying to use a web conferencing platform like Zoom or WebEx in one of the Sanford Coyotes Sports Center PT/OT classrooms.
How to connect to WebEx and how to install WebEx to be added to Outlook in order to add to meeting invites.
Contact the Service Desk with the building and room number if a classroom microphone is not sending audio to the computer.
Steps for adding the WebEx Outlook Plug-in to schedule and start WebEx Meetings
How to request IT support for meetings and what information to provide.
Instructions for setting up Web Conferencing in conference rooms across campus
How to join a Webex meeting
How to fix the SSO Redirection Failed error in WebEx
Make sure that the appropriate services are set up in the Webex Admin portal