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Audio-visual technology in classrooms, public areas, and conference/meeting rooms

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Arena Concourse TVs Displaying Color Bars

Verify that signal is being output to the HDMI and HD-SDI inputs on the Blonder Tongue units.

Available Equipment or Software in a Specific Classroom

Smart classrooms provide audio and video technology to aid in delivering information for classes and meetings

B-Line Software is Not Displaying Patient Monitor Correctly

The B-Line Medical software in the Nursing Simulation Center is not displaying the camera from one of the exam rooms, or is displaying a distorted image

Canceling a Video Conference with Dakota Digital Network (DDN)

Contact to have a DDN conference cancelled

Cannot Sign into Impero Console

Steps to take when Impero is not working

Classroom Computer Will Not Power On and has a Blinking Red and White Power LED on the Power Button

How to resolve an issue when the classroom computer will not power on and displays a blinking red and white LED on the power button.

Classroom or Conference Room Camera Is Not Showing Up In Zoom

Some classrooms are equipped with ceiling or wall-mounted cameras to be used with web conferencing. This article discusses some steps to try if the camera is not showing up in a web conference application such as Zoom or WebEx.

Classroom or Conference Room Equipment Needs Repaired

This article discusses what to do if classroom or conference room equipment is damaged or needs repaired.

Computer Monitor in Lab or Smart Classroom is Not Working

This article describes what to do when the computer monitor in a Smart classroom is not working.

Crestron Touch Panel is Not Working

Troubleshooting a Crestron unit that will not load properly

Crestron XPanel and Touch Panel do not Respond

What to do if in a Classroom and the Touch Panel or XPanel will not respond

DVD Player in Classroom Functions Not Working

Reporting an issue with the DVD player in a lab/classroom

Enabling Download of Panopto Recordings

How to change download setting for Panopto folders

Equipment is Missing in Classroom

What to do when classroom equipment is missing or disconnected from a classroom computer

External Display Goes Black When Trying to Draw

When trying to draw or write in a Microsoft application such as Word or PowerPoint the monitor will blank out for a few seconds, go completely black or the computer may reboot itself.

Fourwinds Display not Showing on Television Correctly

Resolution settings on computer running Fourwinds was not set correctly - not all of information will show on the screen

Fourwinds Sign not Displaying New Content

What to do if a digital sign isn't updating after deployment.

How to Play a DVD Using a Classroom Computer

How to play a DVD on a USD Classroom Computer

Lab or Classroom Computer Not Powering On

If a computer will not turn on, check power cable and outlet

Laptop Connected to Projector or TV will not Display on the Screen

Troubleshooting steps to take when a laptop screen will not display on a projector in a classroom or conference room that does not have a touch panel or XPanel.

Laptop Does Not Show My Desktop When Connected to the HDMI or VGA Cable in a Classroom

How to set up a laptop to mirror the laptop's display on the projector when connected to an HDMI or VGA video cable in a classroom.

Laptop Video not showing on Television

Try resetting video transmitter if cannot get video from laptop to display on television

Loud Noise In A Smart Classroom

Contact the service desk when there is a loud noise in the classroom, and it sounds like it is coming from the sound system or other computer equipment.

No sound from TV in Conference Room

Bad audio cable causing no sound from PC to TV in conference room

Problems During a DDN Video Conference

Problems with a DDN video conference connection

Problems Logging into iMac using USD Domain Account

Check network cable and port to see if there is an issue with computer not able to log in

Projector Image Needs Adjustment

This article discusses what to do when the projected image is not straight and is projecting off the projector screen or smart board.

Projector Light Bulbs are Not Working Correctly

Reporting that projector light bulbs are not functioning correctly

Projector Starts and Then Stops Working

This article discusses how to troubleshoot a projector that will power on and then stop working after being on for a few minutes.

Projector Won't Display SMART Document Camera

What to do when the projector in a classroom will not display from document camera

Recording Indicator Light is Flashing

Panopto light, used for indicating that recording is in process, is flashing green or multiple colors.

Reporting a Blurry Image from a Classroom Camera

Reporting a problem with the camera image in a classroom recording or video conference.

Reporting a Problem with Classroom Recording

How to report a problem with a Panopto recording of a class or presentation

Reporting Projector Screen Will Not Raise Up or Down

This article discusses what to do in the event the projector screen in a classroom will not go up or come down.

Reporting Stylus Pen is Missing or Broken

What to do when the stylus pen for the interactive monitors in a classroom are missing or broken

Request for Video Conference Scheduled Through Cisco TMS

Use Cisco TMS to schedule a video conference on USD bridge

Request to Re-install Audio and Video Equipment in Conference Room or Classroom

This article discusses what to do when needing to have IT equipment re-installed after facilities maintenance work.

Request to Remove Audio and Video Equipment from Conference Room or Classroom

Requesting to remove equipment from a conference room or classroom room for facilities maintenance work.

Requesting Assistance with Lab/Classroom Computer

Reporting an issue with a lab/classroom computer and requesting assistance

Requesting Classroom Assistance at Community College for Sioux Falls (CCSF)

How to get assistance in a classroom at Community College for Sioux Falls

Requesting Install or Update of Respondus LockDown Browser OEM Lab Edition

How to request Respondus Lockdown Browser Lab OEM to be upgraded or installed

Requesting IT Support for meetings or events at USD Community College for Sioux Falls

How to get IT assistance for events or meetings at USD Community College for Sioux Falls

Requesting IT Support for Web Conference Meeting

How to request IT support for meetings and what information to provide.

Requesting ITS Support for an Event

How to request event support.

Requesting ITS Support for Computer Based Testing

Requesting ITS support for students taking computer based tests

Requesting Respondus LockDown Browser be Updated on Shared Computers

Requesting that Respondus LockDown Browser be updated on a lab or shared use computer

Requesting Smart Classroom Assistance in Lee Med Building

Smart Classroom support in Lee Med building

Requesting Software Installation on Classroom or Lab Computers

Requesting installation of non standard or standard classroom software that may be missing or is needed for classroom instruction

Requesting Support for NBME Exams

How to request help for upcoming NBME exams scheduled and need IT assistance for setup

Requesting to Change or Add Users to Fourwinds Display

How to request a change to the users who can edit a Fourwinds display

Restricting Access to VALT Per Computer

Valt has specific usergroups that can access Valt only from computers that are approved and whitelisted.

Schedule a Video Conference with Dakota Digital Network (DDN)

Steps on how to schedule a video conference over ddn

Setting up Web Conferencing in Conference Rooms or Classrooms

Instructions for setting up Web Conferencing in conference rooms across campus

Setting up Web Meeting in Web Conference Enabled Room

Connecting to web conferences (e.g. Zoom, WebEx) in Lee Med classrooms equipped with web conferencing capability

Smart Classroom Computer Not Receiving Audio from Microphone

Contact the Service Desk with the building and room number if a classroom microphone is not sending audio to the computer.

Smart Classroom Microphone is Not Working

What to do if the mic in your classroom is not working

Sound Cutting Out from Zoom Recording in Classroom

Sound cutting out from recordings due to microphone gain issue

Starting DDN Equipment in Classroom for a Video Conference

Use the Crestron touch panel in the classroom to turn on the DDN equipment for a video conference

Starting Video Conferencing Equipment in a Classroom or Conference Room

Procedure for connecting to a video conference or presenting from video conference mode using a Crestron system in a classroom or conference room

Stylus for the Tecom Monitor does not work Correctly When the Computer is in Extended Desktop Mode

When in extended desktop mode the orientation for the Tecom stylus is off and will not work correctly.

Stylus Pen for Smart Classroom is Missing, Broken or Does Not Work

What to do when the stylus pen for the interactive monitors in a classroom is missing or broken

Teaching in Aalf's Auditorium (Slagle 139)

ITS Provides full-time technical support for classes taught in Aalf's Auditorium

The Bloomberg Excel Add-In is Missing When I Open Excel

The Bloomberg Excel add-in is a per user installation and is not installed when first using Excel and the Bloomberg software. The following article will guide you in how to install the Bloomberg Excel add-in.

TV or Projector Won't Display Laptop Signal

TV or projector is not displaying a laptop signal when plugged into the HDMI or VGA cable.

TV Will Not Turn On in Collaborative Classroom

This article discusses what to do in the event the TVs will not turn on in a collaborative classroom like Delzell 110 and Old Main 305.

TVs and Projectors not Displaying from Room PC in Multi-Display Classroom

Contact the Service Desk with the Building and Room Number

Unable to Connect via HDMI to Projector or TV

Requesting assistance with HDMI cable in Smart Classroom

Unable to Log into Panopto

Contact the Service Desk for assistance with Panopto

Unable to Write with Pen on Monitor in Smart Classroom

How to resolve an issue when the pen for the Sharp or SMART monitor in a smart classroom is not working but you are able to write with your finger.

Updating Fine Arts 164 Smart Cart Computer

How to update the smart cart computer that is stored in Fine Arts 164.

Upgrading SMART Notebook Software

SMART Notebook software works with SMART Podium interactive pen displays and SMART Board electronic white boards.

Using Smart Classroom Technology

Seeking instructions/ training for how to use the Smart classrooms on campus

Using TurningPoint as a Student

Instructions for registering your clicker by linking a TurningPoint account to a D2L account and changing the channel to use a clicker in the classroom

Warning: Kramer Serial Tunnel Disconnected Message on Touch Panel or XPanel in Smart Classroom

This article discusses what to do if you see the message Warning: Kramer Serial Tunnel Disconnected on a touch panel or XPanel application in a Smart classroom.

Wellness Center Building XM Radio is not Working

Contact the Service Desk if XM radio is not working.

Wireless Gyration Mouse Is Not Working

Wireless Gyration mouse is not working in a Smart classroom