Classroom or Conference Room Camera Is Not Showing Up In Zoom


There is no web camera in the classroom

The camera in the classroom is not showing up in Zoom


  • Smart classroom
  • Classroom
  • Zoom
  • Web conferencing
  • Webcam
  • Ceiling cameras
  • Wall-mounted cameras


There is no webcam in the room due to a ceiling camera being installed for use with web conferencing

The in-room camera is offline

The camera system has lost connection with the camera or the room PC


  1. Verify if there is a camera hanging from the ceiling or mounted to the wall
  2. If there is a camera in the room, verify Zoom video settings
  3. If there is no camera in the room, see step 11
  4. In the Zoom meeting window, go to the bottom menu bar
  5. If you don't see the bar, hover the mouse over the bottom of the window
  6. Verify that the video is started
  7. If the video is not started, click the Start video button to start the video feed
  8. No video, click the little up arrow beside the camera button
  9. Verify that the camera is selected
    1. Note: Depending on the room, the room camera name should have the name of the building and room number in the name
  10. If there is no camera listed, see step 11
  11. Please contact the Service Desk with the following information: 
    1. Building name
    2. Room number
    3. A detailed description of the issue 
    4. Provide any error messages if applicable


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