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Requesting to remove equipment from a conference room or classroom or event space
Smart classrooms provide audio and video technology to aid in delivering information for classes and meetings
Use the Crestron touch panel in the classroom to turn on the DDN equipment for a video conference
This article discusses what to do in the event the BluRay or DVD player controls do not work on the touch panel or XPanel application.
Requesting installation of non standard or standard classroom software that may be missing or is needed for classroom instruction
How to get assistance in a classroom at USD - Sioux Falls
How to get assistance in a classroom at Sioux Falls Medical School
How to resolve an issue when the pen for the Sharp or SMART monitor in a smart classroom is not working but you are able to write with your finger.
How to repair the touch functionality on a SmartBoard
How to report an issue with a projector in a classroom
What to do when classroom equipment is missing or disconnected from a classroom computer
The keyboard that is connected to the classroom computer is not working.
This article discusses what to do if you see the message Warning: Kramer Serial Tunnel Disconnected on a touch panel or XPanel application in a Smart classroom.
What to do when the stylus pen for the interactive monitors in a classroom is missing or broken
Wireless Gyration mouse is not working in a Smart classroom