Starting Video Conferencing Equipment in a Classroom or Conference Room


  • How to do a video conference call in a classroom
  • How to use the classroom panel for a video conference
  • How to do a presentation in video conference mode
  • How to connect to a video conference in a conference room


  • Classroom
  • Video Conference
  • Conference room


Video conferencing equipment must be initialized in the room to allow remote sites to connect


  1. Tap the screen on the Crestron touch panel in the room to activate
  2. Tap the Video Conference Mode button
    Note: The display screens will come on, or the projector screen will come down and projector will turn on - wait for the progress bar on the Crestron touch panel to finish
  3. If the video conference meeting\class is set up to Auto-dial proceed to step 10
  4. On the lower right of the touch panel, tap Call Setup
  5. If you are connecting to persistent meeting or endpoint
    1. Tap Phonebook
    2. Select address from Directory
    3. Tap Dial Selection
  6. If you are connecting with a meeting address:
    1. Enter the meeting address provided by scheduler or requester (the numbers listed before
    2. Tap Default below Call Type
    3. Tap Call
  7. Once connected, tap Close once
  8. Tap Main Camera or Aux Camera depending on which image should be shown at the remote site
    Note: Use camera control buttons to pan/tilt/zoom cameras as needed

To share content to remote site

  1. On the Crestron touch panel, select desired input 
    Note: Select Room PC if you are sharing from instructors screen, Doc Cam or Laptop Cable can also be used to present 
  2. Tap Content On
  3. Tap End Class once finished
  4. Confirm exit by tapping Yes



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