Arena Concourse TVs Displaying Color Bars or Not Displaying New Scala Content


The Sanford Coyote Sports Center (SCSC) concourse TVs are displaying color bars or a black screen.

Sanford Coyote Sports Center menus are not updating in Scala


  • SCSC
  • Concourse, Lobby, or Concessions Displays


The Blonder Tongue Video distribution units are not receiving video input on the selected channels.


  1. Locate the Two Blonder Tongue Video Distribution units in the SCSC Midco Production Booth
    Note: These units are in the rack nearest the entrance to the Production Booth
  2. Examine the front of the units to discover which channels currently have video input
    1. Green lights indicate video signal is being received on the selected input
    2. Red lights indicate that there is no video signal on the selected input
  3. Troubleshoot the red inputs to discover why there is no signal input
    1. Verify the Four Digital Signage PCs on top of the Blonder Tongue unit are on
      1. If menus are not updating, restart the computers
    2. Verify that the Arena Production equipment is routed properly and is sending signal to the Blonder Tongue unit via the High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD SDI) cable
  4. If still not working please contact the Service Desk with the following information:
    1. What channels aren't working
    2. When they stopped working


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