Technology in Law School Courtroom is Not Working


The technology in the Law School courtroom is not working


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The technology in the courtroom is not working


  1. Verify that the power strip at the podium has not come unplugged or turned off
  2. Verify that the power cable for the QSC NV-32-H that is on the shelf of the podium is not unplugged from the power strip or the power brick 
  3. Try plugging in a different HDMI device into the HDMI cable that is plugged into the laptop
  4. If the touch panel is not powered on, verify that the network cable has not come unplugged under the judge's bench
  5. If possible, try the laptop in the AV control room
    1. Turn on the laptop if not already on
    2. Log in to the laptop
    3. Select Control Room Laptop on the touch panel
    4. Verify if the laptop is displaying on the projector screen
  6. Still need assistance, please contact the Service Desk with the following information: 
    1. Building name
    2. Room number
    3. A detailed description of the issue
    4. Provide any error messages if applicable


  1. Assign to the Academic Technology team
  2. Follow How to Troubleshoot The Law School Courtroom Technology


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