How to Setup the Rapid City Nursing MX300 Video Conference Unit


Setup of video conferencing on the Rapid City (RC) Nursing Campus.


  • Cisco MX30
  • Xpanel
  • Smart Classrooms


  1. Contact Nursing Office Manager for room and MX300 reservation
  2. Hook up network and power cables after placing machine
  3. Setup microphones and control panel in room
  4. Adjust camera by clicking on the camera icon on the panel and choosing selfview.  Use arrows to move camera
  5. If connecting to a Zoom meeting choose Dial on the panel and enter the SIP address from your invite
  6. If connecting to a room or meeting choose contacts on the panel and select endpoints to connect to a room or meetings to connect to a meeting.
  7. If you want to share content, connect to the VGA  and sound cable and choose share on the panel.
  8. If you are in a smart classroom you can connect the Blue HDMI cable to the laptop HDMI cable in the room and setup content output to the projector using Laptop HDMI Option in XPanel on the room PC.


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