Smart Classroom Microphone is Not Working


The wireless microphone is not working in a classroom

The Microphone has feedback noise 

The Wireless Microphone was broken

The students can't hear in Zoom when using the wireless mic and bodypack


  • Smart Classroom
  • Zoom
  • Microphones


Multiple causes


  1. Check the Mic Level adjustment page on XPanel or touch panel 
    Note: The Mic level adjustment page may not be available in all rooms with microphones
  2. Verify
    1. Microphone is not muted
    2. Microphone volume is at an appropriate level
    3. The body pack is turned on 
    4. The battery in body pack is not low 
  3. Replace the battery in the body pack
  4. If more than one microphone in the room, select the appropriate microphone to adjust
  5. If accessible, check if the sound amplifier is powered on in the equipment rack
  6. If it is off, attempt to power it on
  7. In Zoom verify that the microphone setting is set to the Synaptics Line In and not the Logitech Webcam
  8. If it does not power on or is already on please Report Smart Classroom Issue

    Please contact the Service Desk if you need further assistance


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