Requesting Smart Classroom Assistance in Lee Med Building


Assistance with smart classroom
Cannot start classroom equipment in the Lee Med
I would like assistance starting a video conference in Lee Med
I cannot log in to classroom computer
The projector is not coming on
The projector is flashing off and on
Touch panel is not working
The laser pointer does not work
We need to cancel a zoom meeting in Lee Med
Assist with Classroom start up


  • Lee Med classrooms
  • Lee Med meeting rooms


  1. If projected image from room PC is flashing tap Doc Cam and then tap Room PC
  2. For further assistance, please contact the Service Desk or call 658-6000 with the following information
    • Room number
    • The issue with the classroom or the assistance required


  1. For classroom events or video conferences, follow Procedure for Assisting Lee Med Classroom Events
  2. For AV maintenance follow Classroom and Computer Lab Maintenance
  3. For issues with computer login, follow No Phone or Network Connection
  4. For issues with AVI furnished equipment follow AVI Service Support


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